2Kevins with Grace & Steel Ep. 27 03/03/16


1. Good-bye, Ruby… I mean Super Tuesday
2. 2nd half: Hate Crime CSI–Why is there so little skepticism about hate crimes in Canada? (58m 15s)
3. “Harassed off Twitter” The Ballad of Scaatchi Koul (1h 45m 15s)

Here are some links to stories mentioned in the podcast;
Politico, Mar. 2, 2016: Trump’s Super Tuesday win sets off GOP alarm bells

Dave Wasserman’s twitter

The Cook Political Report

Ryan Landry at 28Sherman, Mar. 2, 2016: Costs And Paying For “The Wall”

The Federalist

Kevin Steel in rare.us, July 28, 2014: Meet Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, scourge of lazy journalists

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Commentary, Nov. 1, 1995:  The National Prospect–To commemorate Commentary’s fiftieth anniversary, the editors addressed the following statement and questions to a group of American intellectuals

Wikipedia: Harold Stassen

PDF Crying Wolf, by Laird Wilcox, 1994

Fake Hate Crimes Database fakehatecrimes.org

The College Fix, Dec. 21, 2015: Campus hate crime hoaxes: A best-of list (2015 edition)

Psychology Today, July 1, 2004: Crying Wolf: Fabricated Crimes–When people stage a crime against themselves, is it just a call for attention?

Peterborough Examiner, Nov. 16, 2015: Peterborough mosque fire deliberately set, say police

Canadian Press via Toronto Star, Nov. 17, 2015: Trudeau ‘deeply disturbed’ by Peterborough mosque fire–In a statement the Prime Minister assured Muslim Canadians the country’s law enforcement agencies will work hard to find those responsible for what is being investigated as a hate crime.

Huffington Post Canada, Nov. 4, 2015: Maryam Monsef Came To Canada As A Refugee. Now, She’s A Cabinet Minister

National Post, Nov. 15, 2015: The only mosque in Peterborough, Ont., was ‘deliberately’ set on fire, police say

Breitbart, Dec. 13, 2015: Hate Crime? Arrest over Firebombed Mosque in CA

Mediaite, Dec. 26, 2016: Authorities Investigate Suspicious Fire at Texas Mosque

Houston Chronicle, Dec. 30, 2015: Man charged with setting Houston mosque fire says he was a devout attendee

The Telegraph, Feb. 27, 2016: Tony Blair accused of conspiracy over mass immigration

CTV News, Dec. 20, 2015: Canada aims to double intake of Syrian refugees to 50,000: McCallum

CBC, Feb. 9, 2016: UBC pride flag burned during OUTweek–UBC officials have condemned the incident and say RCMP are investigating

CBC Archive: Chrétien grilled as free speech meets pepper spray

The Harvard Crimson, Jan. 25, 2016: HUPD Closes Law School’s Black Tape Investigation
Unable to identify a perpetrator, HUPD shutters black tape investigation

Calgary Herald, Dec. 10, 2015: Tuscany LRT station graffiti suspect charged, second suspect arrested

Calgary Sun, Dec. 11, 2015: Calgary police charge second man in Tuscany station graffiti spree

CBC, Feb. 24, 2014: Anti-Muslim hate crimes on the rise, but bystanders sometimes stay silent

Wikipedia: Somalia Affair

Amazon.ca: Race Traitor: The True Story of Canadian Intelligence Service’s Greatest Cover-Up, by Elisa Hategan

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Calgary Herald, Feb. 20, 2016: Police investigating after Calgary school hit again with hateful graffiti aimed at Syrians, Trudeau

Toronto Star, Jan. 9, 2016: Trudeau condemns pepper-spray attack of Syrian refugees in Vancouver

National Post, Feb. 15, 2016: ‘They said it is a hate crime’: Party store employee files police complaint over homophobic Valentine

Shane Dingman in The Globe and Mail, Feb. 22, 2016: BuzzFeed writer’s harassment just the latest example of why Twitter is broken for women

Jessica Chin in Huffington Post Canada, Feb. 22, 2016: It’s Unacceptable That Scaachi Koul Was Harassed Off Twitter

Miranda Nelson in The Tyee, Feb. 24, 2016: Solidarity, Women with Opinions on the Internet

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Our Canadian Content, July 11, 2010: An open letter to Christie Blatchford by Scaachi Koul

Latest Canada: If Scaachi Koul Quotes Were Motivational Posters