The Hosts is the main site for the podcast “2Kevins with Grace & Steel” co-hosted by Kevin Michael Grace (kevin2) and Kevin Steel (kevin1). They are washed-up journalists who are angry at the world.

Kevin Michael GraceKevin Michael Grace was born July 2, 1955, in Toronto, to an Irish-Canadian father and a Welsh mother. He was raised in Vancouver and environs and since 2001 has lived in Victoria. A college dropout, he worked for 12 years at the University of British Columbia Library. A member of the “media” (dread word!) since 1986, he produced radio talkshows for CJOR in Vancouver, CJCA in Edmonton, KOGO in San Diego and the WIC radio network, as well as a television talkshow for CFRN in Edmonton.

Formerly a senior editor of Alberta Report and managing editor of BC Report, he produced there the columns Eclectica (a media review) and Galaxy 500 (a TV review). The founding editor of and, he previously wrote Auguries (a gold column) for the Financial Post.

Grace has been published in the American Conservative, the American Spectator, the Chesterton Review, Chronicles, the Dorchester Review, The Gold Report, the Montreal Gazette, the National Catholic Register, National Review, the Ottawa Citizen, Taki’s Magazine, the Vancouver Sun and His commentaries have been broadcast by CBC Radio.

Grace once described himself as a Roman Catholic and a conservative but confesses he no longer understands what these terms mean.

“Undoubtedly, Mr Grace has strong views, including about the role of human rights tribunals, but we are not convinced that the concerns rise to the level of bias…. We will allow Mr Grace to give evidence, recognizing the limitations of his experience and expertise.”
—Claude Pensa, Chairperson of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, December 5, 2000


KSprpic150822Kevin Steel worked as a staff writer and web editor for the news magazines Alberta Report and later the Western Standard. His writing has appeared in such publications as the American Spectator, the National Post and Rare. Journalism has taken him to faraway places like Afghanistan and Taiwan, etc. so it wasn’t a complete waste of time. Between reporting gigs, he worked as an anonymous but well-paid ghostwriter. His time at Alberta Report included a stint as art director and subsequently his news photos have been printed in magazines like Alberta Views and newspapers such as The Globe and Mail.

Highlights of his gloriously misspent youth include two extended hitching journeys across Europe, one in the mid-1980s to the Middle East by way of Soviet satellite countries including Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia. It was on this ‘road to Damascus’ that he came to the unsurprising conclusion that socialism doesn’t work all that well, at least not in practice. Besides living in Edmonton, Alberta—where he was born and raised—he has also resided in Montreal and Vancouver. His hobbies include writing poetry and music, often at the same time. Fun fact: he composed the theme music for this podcast.

Besides saying “Uh-hu” and “Okay” a lot during the podcast, Steel is responsible for the post-production of the show, as well as updating this website.

Mr. Steel is super-angry at the world, but he channels that anger into creating things like the Jelli-Pegs, which are filled with gentle humor for jolly people.