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2kevins new coverKevin Steel and Kevin Michael Grace are two underemployed journalists who have spent thousands of hours on the telephone talking about the news. Complaining, mostly, about how the news media no longer delights in asking questions but instead is content to rewrite government press releases. One Friday evening, one of the two Kevins quoted Hunter S Thompson’s famous imperative, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” In other words, “Let’s do a podcast!” The rest is history.

What is the subject of this weekly podcast? Life in all its infinite majesty. Actually, more like whatever has interested us this week. Which could be anything: politics, the media, music, books, television, the Internet, sexuality, technology, economics and sports.  In other words, the way we live now.

Originally, our podcast was titled From Under the Rubble. We borrowed this name from a 1974 essay collection by Alexander Solzhenitsyn and others. The rubble from under which Solzhenitsyn et al wished to emerge was Soviet Communism. The rubble from which KS and KMG wish to emerge is that of blue-haired, ring-nosed SJWs instructing the rest of us on how to live. In other words, modernism.

With Episode 9, the show was retitled 2Kevins with Grace & Steel.


  1. I’m a student journalist in Newfoundland and I love you guys’ podcast. It’s a nice relief hearing some Canadian content I can relate to, keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  2. Fellas,
    Podcast #40 was again stellar, really like sitting in your living room, enjoying conversation with your two brilliant friends. Ah, if only you could break down that 4th wall and let us interact. Probably better that you don’t. Nonetheless, great chemistry.

    I will cut to the last part, the Donor comments segment, and start by saying, gee, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you cared. Also, duh! I guess I could’ve thought of commenting long before this. Expect to get a lot of comments now. And thanks for posting the link to the YouTube page. I will comment on those movies as I find time. They’re all worthwhile films, and the worst of those movie reviews can stand as the Last Word on their worth. I have strong opinions on Senna and Pelham to share, and now, thanks to Grace, Mishima and Seconds, as well. It will be intense. Repo Man is always intense.

    I’m headed to a couple of Dissident Right conferences in the next month, guys, and I will talk you up. One is a meeting of scholars here in the South, among people who appreciate the contribution of the CSA’s own Judah Benjamin to the fact that, to this day, liberal as Canada is, y’all can still talk about secession. Would that we had that sort of privilege here.

    Love the talk about Canada. Love the country, and from the two of you, I can see you’re pretty thoroughly invested in the USA election.

    PS: Have you approached Dr. Thomas Fleming for an interview? He’s been doing a lot of podcasts through his Foundation, since he left the Rockford Institute.

    You haven’t had a bit too much Trump this year. Hey, this is the weirdest election of our lifetimes, and it’s about time the weird turned pro.

    Keep it up, gents. Godspeed. Sursum Corda! Deo Vindice!

  3. An American listener here- love the podcast . I for one enjoyed the movie reviews- I’ll try to shoot you guys some dough, but I have a mixed political marriage, so these things can be difficult! Oddly, for Canadians, I’ve never eard you mention hockey! Keep up the good work, though!

  4. Regarding Episode #42:
    Another solid effort. Looks like you guys have got the template. I look forward to this weekly show as much as anything I ever followed on TV.

    I don’t often talk with shitlibs anymore, but sometimes it’s unavoidable (family), and when I do talk to them, I like to bring up their problems with intersectionality. Blacks hate Mexicans, Mexicans hate blacks, and both hate the gays. All three couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the greens. All the straight whites still left in the Democratic Party are at least embarrassed by Hill-tron, and love Bernie and old-fashioned Marxism, and all that concomitant Leninism/Stalinism (Trotsky-ites have all become Neocons). How soon after the last White European Christian/Republican/straight white male conservative dies does the whole thing just completely implode? The LGBT’s must be a little anxious. All their good team play won’t matter much in the end. They’re probably first on the list.

    I enjoyed KMG’s London/punk reminiscences, and appreciated that final elegiac note that London is no longer London anymore. In 60 years on earth, I haven’t managed to get to England and, sadly, I don’t think I’ll make it now.

    And who knew that KMG is Welsh. As erudite and well-read as you are, surely you have read the great masterpiece of 20th Century English Literature, Anthony Powell’s (pronounced “Pole”) 12 Volume “A Dance to the Music of Time,” the novel that re-creates 50 years of English social life from the Great War to the Age of Aquarius. Though an Eton and Balliol man, a member of London’s smart set, Powell was very proud of his Welsh heritage (whereas other London cognoscenti might be trying to cover it up), which is why he insisted on the Pole-pronunciation of his surname.

    Once again, terrific show, my friends. Long may you run.

  5. Episode 43 – just a few minutes into it, you guys are on a phenomenal roll. Perfectly in tune with the occasion.
    Forget about Keeping Calm, Carry On.
    Buck in Willcox

  6. I am a YUGE fan of this show. I wish I had the chance to meet you both. I will be at the NPI conference in November. Any chance you will be attending?

    I plan on making a donation very soon, your voice and analysis is needed very much!

    Thanks so much!

    BTW: I liked the movie reviews very much, I am a new listener and am making my way thru the older episodes…


  7. Vote fraud: Texas started early voting yesterday (25th) and today there are reports of people in Amarillo and San Antonio having their votes changed to D from R all down the card. When
    brought up to the people running the pole it was fixed, but did they get to vote again and the flipped vote was already recorded to negate the intended vote? Or was the first vote recalled? Doesn’t say.

    Two more weeks to go.

    Buck in Willcox

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