Michelle Fields Incident – Stills

While others watched this video and focused on the action between Donald Trump, Michelle Fields and Corey Lewandowski, I thought it was interesting to watch Washington Post reporter Ben Terris. I wanted to figure out his role in this incident. I have nothing conclusive, but I have two ideas, both total speculation; 1) Terris was blocking for Fields. He wanted to help her get a quote–in other words “white knighting”–because she was too timid to ask a question during the press conference, or 2) he was simply trying to speak to Lewandowski to set up some kind of interview, got the brush off and then decided to exaggerate the incident as mild form of revenge. When I was a reporter at a public event and asking a flack to set up an interview with a busy subject, the flack would often as not brush me off with a line like, “Yeah, talk to me afterward and I’ll see what I can do.” And you try to talk to them afterward and they just brush you off again and quickly disappear.–KS

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