Grace & Steel Ep. 70 02/15/17

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TOPIC: Canada: Kingdom of the Cucks. They allow no dissent against pervasive and destructive cultural Marxism in the Great White North.

Here are some links to stories and items mentioned in the podcast:

AP via Fox News, Feb. 13, 2017: Canada’s Trudeau arrives in Washington to meet with Trump

Orthodoxy Today, 2004: Alexander Solzhenitsyn: Live Not By Lies

Catholic World Report, May 2, 2015: Michael Coren goes Anglican, denounces Catholic moral teaching

National Post, Jun. 27, 2013: Hate speech no longer part of Canada’s Human Rights Act

QUOTE: “But ten years later, in January, Harper purred to Macleans editor Ken Whyte that his government “has no plans” to protect free speech.”
Kevin Michael Grace in VDARE, Sep. 3, 2009: What Canada’s Free Speech Victory Says About America’s Matthew Shephard “Hate Crimes” Bill

Leah McLaren in the Globe and Mail, Feb. 2, 2017: ‘Cuck’: a modern swear word that’s as dirty as the old ones

Infogalactic: Cuckold, History of the term

Youtube, May 27, 2014: The Royal Tenenbaums – You’ve Made a Cuckold of Me

Global News, Jan. 4, 2017: ‘Canada’s Donald Trump’: Kellie Leitch blasts ‘elites’ and ‘insiders’ during Fox interview

Toronto Star, Feb. 2, 2017: Nick Kouvalis resigns from Kellie Leitch campaign

Edmonton Sun, Jan. 28, 2017: Jason Kenney reacts to U.S. President Donald Trump’s executive order

Globe and Mail, Jan. 30, 2017: Quebec City mosque attack suspect known as online troll inspired by French far-right

CBC, Jan. 31, 2017: Suspect in mosque shooting a moderate conservative turned extremist, say friends, classmates–Accused gunman has reputation as online troll who expresses support for far-right politicians

CBC, Feb. 9, 2017: Liberal MP’s anti-Islamophobia motion set for debate on Wednesday

Statistics Canada: NHS Profile, Markham–Thornhill, Ontario, 2011

CBC, May 8, 2013: Canada’s foreign-born population soars to 6.8 million

Infogalactic: Iqra Khalid

Huffington Post via MSN, Feb. 11, 2017: Right-Wing Activists Blast Canadian Anti-Islamophobia Motion As ‘Blasphemy Law’

Maclean’s, Aug. 12, 2016: Michael Chong’s unusual path to Tory contender

National Post, Feb. 13, 2017: Growing group of Tory leadership hopefuls oppose move to have House of Commons denounce Islamophobia

Jason Kenney Tweet, Feb. 6, 2017: “I launched the gay Iranian refugee program. Our approach was to focus on most vulnerable Middle Eastern refugees. Not the Liberal approach.”

Toronto Sun, May 17, 2011: Immigration costs Canada billions: Fraser Institute

Infogalactic: Komagata Maru incident

Justin Trudeau Tweet, Jan. 28, 2017: “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada”

Global News, Jan. 29, 2017: Mayor Tory reiterates commitment to refugees in response to President Trump’s travel ban

Maclean’s, Jan. 30, 2017: How Canadian politicians reacted to Donald Trump’s refugee ban

Infogalactic: Andrew Coyne

Infogalactic: Kellie Leitch

NOTE: The Toronto Star is regularly referred to as “The Red Star” because of it’s consistently leftwing stance
Toronto Star, Sep. 8, 2016: Kellie Leitch’s immigrant screening proposal goading rivals to debate Canadian values

Maclean’s, Nov. 19, 2009: A textbook for Canada–The new citizenship guide better conveys what it means to be Canadian

The National Interest, Aug. 15, 2015: Beware Ukraine’s Rising Right Sector

Toronto Star, Jun. 16, 2014: Alberta grants new birth certificate to transgender boy

Toronto Sun, Mar. 14, 2011: Honour killings term angers Trudeau

CBC, Mar. 15, 2011: Trudeau retracts ‘barbaric’ remarks

Kevin Michael Grace in VDARE, Aug. 17, 2017: Canada (Jason Kenney, Immigration Minister) Welcomes The Camp of the Saints

Kevin Michael Grace in VDARE, Oct. 28, 2015: Paul Ryan Presaged: Canada’s Conservative Party Elects a New People—Which In Turn Elects Liberal Party. Duh!

Government of Canada Justice Laws Website: Canadian Human Rights Act

NOTE: Here’s a fine example of a Canadian nutcase columnist writing about Trump prior to the election
Michael Harris in iPolitics, Oct. 10, 2016: He’s gonna blow–Look out Republicans, the worst is yet to come

NOTE: Another well-known loony Canadian columnist prior to Nov. 8
Heather Mallick in the Toronto Star, Sep. 28, 2016: ‘Braggadocious’ Trump miraculously reaches new lows

NOTE: And of course, CANADA’S LEADING CONSERVATIVE COLUMNIST! 4 days before Trump’s victory
Andrew Coyne in the National Post, Nov. 4, 2017: U.S. presidential election headed for the second-worst possible conclusion

National Post, Mar. 10, 2013: Most Canadians in favour of limits on immigration: poll

CBC, Nov. 10, 2014: Canadian attitudes toward immigrants conflicted, poll says

Ipsos, Aug. 6, 2015: Half (50%) of Citizens in 24 Nations Say There are Too Many Immigrants in their Country – and 46% Agree that Immigration is Causing their Country to Change in Ways they Don’t Like

CBC, Oct. 4, 2016: Canadians aren’t as accepting as we think — and we can’t ignore it, writes Angus Reid

CTV News, Feb. 10, 2017: Leitch rebuffs Trudeau’s shot by calling prime minister ‘fringe’

Anthony Furey in the Toronto Sun, Dec. 16, 2015: Trudeau’s Baltic blunder hurts our rep

CBC, Jun. 30, 2016: Canada to send troops to Latvia for new NATO brigade

The Globe and Mail, Sep. 3, 2016: Gerald Butts: The BFF in the PMO

The Globe and Mail, Jan. 16, 2017: Ethics Commissioner probing Trudeau trip to Aga Khan’s private island

Infogalatic: Kevin O’Leary

Scott Feschuk in Maclean’s, Feb. 4, 2017: Canada’s two tiny Trumps to call our own

Pat Buchanan in The American Conservative, Jan. 22, 2016: Davos Man Meets Donald Trump

Infogalactic: Equalization payments in Canada

Toronto Sun, Feb. 7, 2017: Canada on deficit-paved path to debt crisis?

Ricky Vaughn on Gab, Feb. 12, 2017: “We are wasting our time focusing on the left. They are impotent and George Soros is senile and almost dead. They have been utterly defeated. The greatest threat to Western Civilization are now the cuckservatives. Time to turn up the heat on these timid cowards.”

This is THE news scan for the Kingdom of the Cucks
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