Grace & Steel Ep. 68 1/25/17

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TOPIC: It’s Always Dumbest Before The Don. We calculate the strength of the opposition to Trump’s administration based on the inauguration protests and the Women’s March.

Here are some links to stories and items mentioned in the podcast:

Washingtonian, Jan. 20, 2017: Grasping for Metaphor, Reporters Flock to Burning DC Garbage Can

Youtube, Jan. 21, 2017: Ashley Judd FULL Speech at “Women’s March” In Washington DC ‘I am a nasty woman’

Elle, Jan. 21, 2017: Here’s the Full Transcript Of Gloria Steinem’s Historic Women’s March Speech

Rolling Stone, Jan. 21, 2017: Watch Madonna’s Powerful Speech at Women’s March on Washington

Daily Mail, Jan. 21, 2017: Secret Service WILL investigate Madonna after singer says she wants to BLOW UP the White House in expletive-filled rant at women’s march

Keith Olbermann Twitter

Mediaite, Dec. 9, 2016: Keith Olbermann And Nazis: A Record Of Over The Top Hyperbole

Daily Mail, Jan. 20, 2017: He did it his way: President Trump is joined on stage by Melania and the new First Family as they sing and dance to ‘My Way’ at the inaugural balls

Daily Mail, Jan. 21, 2017: Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke says he would prefer to reach across an aisle to ‘grab a Democrat by the throat’ rather than work with them

Slate, Jan. 20, 2017: This Is a Video of White Nationalist Richard Spencer Getting Punched in the Face

Newsmax, Sep. 22, 2016: Hillary: I Don’t Understand Why I’m Not 50 Points Ahead

CNN, Nov. 23, 2016: Ex-Sanders aide: ‘We don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party right now’

CNN, Jan. 21, 2017: Cory Booker: ‘I am not open to being president’

San Antonio KENS5, Jan. 24, 2017: Julian Castro returns to San Antonio, says he’s not running in 2018

Business Insider, Jan. 23, 2017: Our exclusive with Colorado’s colorful, rising-star governor, the man some Davos elites say could lead Democrats in 2020

John Favreau Tweet, Jan. 20, 2017: “I worked 8 years of my life for Barack Obama and you just called me a racist without knowing who I am in any way

Breitbart, Jan. 17, 2017: Inaugural Rioters Urged to ‘Go Hard’ in ‘Only Chance’ to ‘Rove the City’ Under ‘Protocol of the Obama Era’

Infowars, Jan. 17, 2017: Video: Radical Leftists Target DC Metro Rail to Block Inauguration Access

Daily Mail, Jan. 22, 2017: Majority of 230 protesters arrested on Inauguration Day will face 10 years in prison and $25k fine as US attorney says they will be charged with felony rioting

Hotair, Jan. 20, 2017: Protesters burn a limousine in front of Washington Post offices

Newsweek: ‘My God! They’re Killing Us’: Newsweek’s 1970 Coverage of the Kent State Shooting

Reddit, Jan. 24, 2017: ANTIFA Hamster Attacks Man and Gets Punched; Begs Cops For Pussy Pass; DENIED

UPDATE! All charges dropped! Dennis Dale freed by snow storm! Climate change now influencing legal system!
Grace & Steel Ep. 63 – Busted in Portland

Petula Dvorak in the Washington Mockingbird, Apr. 9, 2015: Men need to step up on ‘women’s issues’ — and four did in Maryland

CNS News, Mar. 21, 2012: Sandra Fluke Says She Didn’t Know Target Sells Birth Control Pills for $9

QUOTE: “Her resulting 1962 article about the way in which women are forced to choose between a career and marriage preceded… The Feminine Mystique by one year.”
Infogalactic: Gloria Steinem

Chicks on the Right, Jan. 21, 2017: What The Women’s March Was Really About, As Explained By Their Signs

Lachlan Markay Tweet, Jan. 21, 2017: We…do pay for razors?

Infogalactic: Port Huron Statement

Twitter Moments, Jan. 21, 2017: Women are leaving messages on sanitary pads

Alison Tate in The Advocate, Jan. 24, 2017: The Women’s March Was Therapy

Breitbart, Jan. 21, 2017: Anti-Trump Marchers ‘Mostly White’ Women Who Need ‘Therapy’ After Clinton Loss

My Posting Career Thread started by Pleasureman, Mar. 7, 2010: The Limits of Human Scale

New York Daily News, Jan. 23, 2017: Woman kicked off of Alaska Airlines flight after insulting Trump supporter next to her

NPR, Jan. 21, 2017: Trump Administration Goes To War With The Media Over Inauguration Crowd Size

The Hill, Dec. 13, 2017: Bill Kristol stepping down as Weekly Standard editor-in-chief

Daniel McCarthy in The American Conservative, Jan. 4, 2017: A Time of Transition

Erik Wempel in the Washington Mockingbird, Jan. 23, 2017: George Will on leaving Fox News: ‘It’s their toy’

Deadline Hollywood, Jan. 24, 2017: Tucker Carlson’s First Two Weeks In Primetime Outstrip Megyn Kelly On FNC

Mädchen Amick Tweet, Jan. 21, 2017: When a #sister helps you out to become a badass #pussy

The Independent, Dec. 15, 2016: Feminist critic Camille Paglia accuses Madonna of ‘maudlin self pity’ over Billboard speech

Daily Record, Aug. 17, 2016: Dario Franchitti reveals he’s become dad with new wife three years after splitting with Ashley Judd

Washington Examiner, Mar. 22, 2013: Report: Ashley Judd’s depression is bipolar disorder

NBC, Jan. 22, 2017: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Says Goodbye to Obama By Singing ‘To Sir, With Love’

Paul Joseph Watson Tweet quoting street sign, Jan. 23, 2017 “No one takes this protest seriously because every 20 minutes for 8 years Obama dropped a bomb and you said nothing.

Adam Friedland Tweet, Jan. 15, 2017: “All the feels: Obama cries saying goodbye to “Droney” his favorite drone

CDC: HIV Cost-effectiveness

Infogalactic: Millard Fillmore