Grace & Steel Ep. 67 01/09/17

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TOPIC – AltFight. We discuss the various cracks and fissures appearing in the AltRight as fights break out following Trump’s victory.

Here are some links to stories and items mentioned in the podcast:

Youtube, Dec. 26, 2016: Baked Alaska trashes Mike Cernovich after being banned from DeploraBall

NOTE: On the channel that posted this video, you’ll find a multipart series chronicling the whole affair in 13-14? (YIKES!) parts
Youtube, Dec. 26, 2016: Cernovich vs. “Baked Alaska” Part 1: Mike’s Deleted Periscope (third-party recording)

Infogalactic: Kevin Trudeau

(Mike Cernovich’s) Danger and Play: Anthime Gionet A/k/a Tim Treadstone a/k/a Baked Alaska Drama

Daily Mail, Dec. 30, 2016: Steve Bannon says right-wing ‘Hobbits’ and ‘Deplorables’ should ‘hold ALL of us accountable – including me’ as Trump White House takes shape

Huffington Post, Nov. 21, 2016: The ‘Alt-Right’ Is A Hate Movement, And It’s Scarier Than You Think

Heatstreet, Nov. 23, 2016: Tila Tequila Latest Alt-Right Star To Be Banned From Twitter

The National Policy Institute

Infogalactic: Richard B. Spencer

Youtube, Nov. 21, 2016: Richard Spencer – NPI 2016, Full Speech

The Washington Mockingbird, Nov. 16, 2016: ‘A great purge?’: Twitter suspends Richard Spencer, other prominent alt-right accounts

Carlos Slim Blog, Jul. 20, 2016: Twitter Bars Milo Yiannopoulos in Wake of Leslie Jones’s Reports of Abuse

Infogalactic: Milo Yiannopoulos

My Posting Career Thread, Aug. 23, 2016: Richard Spencer is NOT the leader of the alt-right

My Posting Career Thread, Sep 11, 2015: Become Who We Are – NPI event

IMDb: The Damned (1969)

Milo in Breitbart, Sep. 10, 2016: FULL TEXT: ‘How To Destroy The Alt Right’ What is Neoreaction?

MagaFeed, Jan. 2, 2017: MAGABEEF: Amy Moreno & Jared Wyand VS Bill Mitchell

Bill Mitchell’s Twitter

Amy Moreno Twitter

Loretta B. Malakie Twitter

NOTE: I think Grace meant it was Bill Curtis that he mistook for Bill Mitchell
IMDb: Bill Curtis

IMDb: Ted Knight

United States Census Bureau: Quick Facts

Washington Examiner, Jan. 8, 2017: Census: Minority youth over take whites in 2020, 50% under 18

Canada Free Press, Dec. 5, 2016: CBC airs anti-white rap video Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole by Anne Coulter Charles Lindbergh’s Noninterventionist Efforts & America First Committee Involvement

Chef Boyhowdy Tweet, Jan. 2, 2017: “(Mitchell’s) sole claim to fame is mirroring Ricky’s polling content without getting banned.

MagaFeed, Jan. 3, 2017: Bill Mitchell Continues Twitter Meltdown, Declares War on Pepe

Ramzpaul Tweet, Jan. 2, 2017: “The future does not belong to those who mock Pepe. Remember what happened to Hillary when she went after that green frog?”

NOTE: The list is a google doc. Some have suggested that viewing it can compromise your computer security 500 Nazi Scalps

Infogalactic: Raul Hilberg

WGNTV, Jan. 5, 2017: 4 charged with hate crime, kidnapping in Facebook Live torture of man with special needs, Jan. 5, 2017: WATCH: Chicago Police Downplay Torture Video as ‘Stupidity’

New York Daily News: The Central Park Five

Nicholas Stix, Uncensored, Jun. 20, 2014: Remembering the Central Park Jogger

Infogalactic: 1967 Detroit riot

Infogalactic: Watts Riots

Infogalactic: List of incidents of civil unrest in the United States, 1960s

Breitbart, Jan. 6, 2017: Krauthammer: Obama’s ‘Deluding Himself’ When He Says Race Relations Have Improved
Wired, Mar. 11, 2014: Bronies Are Redefining Fandom — And American Manhood

Infogalactic: James Burnham The Managerial Revolution: What is Happening in the World by James Burnham The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom by James Burnham

Pleasureman in My Posting Career, Mar. 7, 2010: (Thread) The Limits of Human Scale