Grace & Steel Ep. 61 11/15/16

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TOPIC: First We Take Manhattan. Subhed: The Gloating Episode. Take a look at our archives and you’ll notice that this podcast has been supporting Trump from its beginning. So we’re going to gloat. But we also want to take a moment to remember and salute Canadian songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen. Coincidentally, on Nov. 8, co-host Kevin Grace tweeted out his choice for a Trump victory song. He chose “First We Take Manhattan” not knowing Cohen had died the day before. Though the news broke on Thursday night, the world didn’t find out until Friday, Nov. 11, that Cohen had passed away the previous Monday. (We use two short excerpts from that song to open and close the show, claiming Fair Use.)

Here are some links to stories and items mentioned in the podcast:

Fox News: 2016 General Election results

@KMGVictoria Tweet, Nov. 8, 2016: #Trump victory song #AltRight They sentenced me to 20 years of boredom For trying to change the system from within

Variety, Nov. 10, 2016: Singer-Songwriter Leonard Cohen Dies at 82

Billboard, Nov. 11, 2016: Leonard Cohen Died on Monday, Sony Confirms

Hollywood Reporter, Nov. 6, 2016: Cher Says If Trump Wins “I’m Gonna Have to Leave the Planet”

Bumbling American in My Posting Career, “2016 election meltdown thread” Nov. 11, 2016: Entry #201

Andrew Coyne in the National Post, Nov. 11, 2016: If the case for the current electoral system is it keeps out yahoos, Trump just blew that apart

Quartz, Jun. 8, 2016: California’s primary shows how badly the Republican Party has messed up

CNBC, Nov. 9, 2016: Trump spent about half of what Clinton did on his way to the presidency

USA Today, Nov. 10, 2016: How Trump won by spending half as much money as Clinton

Center for Responsive Politics, Oct. 25, 2016: Total cost of 2016 election could reach $6.6 billion, CRP predicts

Andrew Coyne Tweet, Nov. 11, 2016: Taking bets on when he quits. Six months? Nine?

New York Magazine, Nov. 12, 2016: President Trump May Only Sort of Live at the White House

New York Times, May 25, 2016: Obamas’ Next Home: 9 Bedrooms in a Wealthy Washington Neighborhood

Youtube, Mar. 26, 2016: Flying Pig – The Simpsons

Huffington Post, Nov. 9, 2016: Hillary Clinton Supporters Leave New York Election Night Party In Tears–They’d come expecting a victory speech under a glass ceiling.

Daily Mail, Nov. 11, 2016: Huma breaks down and weeps openly as she returns to campaign headquarters where she and her aides ran doomed bid to elect Hillary Clinton

Daily Mail, Nov. 11, 2016: Hillary’s last hurrah: Clinton greets her campaign staff one last time, admitting the last few days have been ‘very, very tough’ as it’s claimed she was ‘inconsolable’ after crushing defeat to Trump

Refinery 29, Nov. 9, 2016: Who’s To Blame Here? (Hint: White People)

US Weekly, Nov. 11, 2016: Donald Trump Says He Didn’t Take His Campaign Rhetoric Too Far: ‘No, I Won’

Washingtonian, Nov. 10, 2016: Trump Froze Out the Press Corps Today. Good!

The reason Canadian media kisses the government’s butt
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

Canadian Press via Maclean’s, Nov. 9, 2016: Kellie Leitch latches on to Trump victory

Andrew MacDougall in the Ottawa Citizen, Nov. 10, 2016: Breaking! Donald Trump owes his presidency to 24-hour cable news

Mike Murphy Tweet, Nov. 7, 2016: Oh Elwood. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow night when the networks call Florida in the 9pm hour for Clinton and end this Trump nightmare.

Ricky Vaughn Twitter

Washington Post, Aug. 22, 2016: The story behind Evan McMullin’s run for president

Huffington Post, Nov. 9, 2016: Emma Watson Hides Maya Angelou Books On The NYC Subway After Trump Win–We could all use a little Angelou right now.

Politico: Overall 2016 New York Presidential Election Results

Zerohedge, Nov. 11, 2016: “Das Ende Der Welt” – Germany’s Spiegel Expects Meteor Trump To Destroy The World

Youtube, Nov. 9, 2016: Trump Won – 3 Steps to build an activist alt-right movement

USA Today, Nov. 10, 2016: Leslie Knope pens a letter to young women after Trump win: ‘We screwed this up’
(And in other news, Internet sleuths searching for Clinton crimes are encouraged by a telegram they received from Detective Fenton Hardy telling them to “keep digging something’s sure to turn up STOP”)

Will Self in The Guardian, May 2, 2014: The novel is dead (this time it’s for real)

Gary Coronado Tweet, Nov. 10, 2016: High School student protest continues along Adams Bl. towards Figueroa. #PresidentialElection @latimes

Youtube, Mar. 4, 2013: Easy Rider Ending

CTV News, Nov. 10, 2016: Vancouver anti-Trump march–click on 2nd video in column on the right titled “Hundreds march downtown in anti-Trump protest”

Youtube, Nov. 8, 2016: Emotional Van Jones How do I explain to my children about Donald Trump victory

Yvette Brend in CBC, Nov. 9, 2016: Explaining a Donald Trump win to children–‘It’s the first time since 9/11 I’ve felt that kind of anxiety, alarm and fear in students’

@JohnJJohnson69 Tweet, Nov. 10, 2016: My eight your old was sobbing all morning. Through her tears she kept asking what would happen if we stopped winning and I couldn’t answer.

@KevinRubble Tweet, Nov. 10, 2016: #TrumpRiot I blame protests on public education. Protestors don’t understand civics. Close down the Dep. of Edu for failing at their jobs.

Wikileaks Tweet, Nov. 9, 2016: Remember how you legalized –Assassinating anyone –NSA mass spying –Prosecuting publishers –CIA drones everywhere. It’s all Trumps in 71 days

New York Times, Sep. 8, 2016: Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton: Where They Stand on Education

The Hill, Nov. 11, 2016: GOP rep: Congress will find funds for Trump’s border wall

Zerohedge, Nov. 14, 2016: CNN Dem Strategist Mocks White Trump Supporter Beaten In Chicago – “Oh My Goodness, Poor White People”

Daily Caller, Nov. 11, 2016: Yet Another Journalist Calls For Trump’s Death


CBS News, Nov. 10, 2016: Trump victory gives impetus to California secession movement

The Oregonian, Nov. 10, 2016: After Donald Trump victory, Oregonians submit ballot proposal to secede from the union

Chicago Tribune, Nov. 11, 2016: Grubhub faces backlash after CEO’s anti-Trump email to employees

Geek Wire, Nov. 9, 2016: ‘This sh— will not stand.’ Tech investor Dave McClure delivers epic on-stage Trump rant

Express, Nov. 11, 2016: ‘You win today’s prize for ignorance’: Ex-MP Louise Mensch mocked for Leonard Cohen tweet

Here, Louise, smiling Russians Discover the magnificent variety that Russia has in store for you.

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