Grace & Steel Ep. 58 10/26/16

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TOPIC: Bonfire of the Vanities. The return of politics becomes obvious to everyone when the third presidential debate turns nasty, as does the Al Smith dinner the next night.

Here are some links to stories and items mentioned in the podcast:

Youtube, CBS, Oct. 19, 2016: Watch Live: The Final Presidential Debate

Youtube, Oct. 20, 2016: 2016 Al Smith Dinner (Full) | The New York Times

CBS, Oct. 20, 2016: Clinton, Trump try awkward humor at Al Smith Dinner The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe

Steve Sailer in VDARE, Nov. 10, 2014: Core Vs. Fringe, Cont’d: Media Starts To Catch Up On Sailer Strategy

Fox News, Sep. 23, 2016: Enthusiasm Gap? Clinton addressing modest crowds, as Trump rallies big halls


Bloomberg, Oct. 22, 2016: Trump Would Block AT&T-Time Warner Deal in Media Crackdown

Time, Oct. 23, 2016: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Skeptical Of AT&T, Time Warner Merger

The Guardian, Oct. 24, 2016: AT&T and Time Warner shares fall as investors’ doubts over merger grow

The Independent, Oct. 24, 2016: Presidential election 2016: Hillary Clinton soars to double-digit lead over Donald Trump in new poll

Washington Mockingbird, Oct. 24, 2016: Why this Facebook co-founder is donating big money to Hillary Clinton

BuzzFeed, Oct. 8, 2015: What Happened To The $100 Million Mark Zuckerberg Gave To Newark Schools?

Goodreads: Flying High: Remembering Barry Goldwater by William F. Buckley Jr.

Conservapedia: A Choice Not An Echo

My Posting Career, Oct. 23, 2016: Womb Raider post describing his experience at a Trump rally

Daily Caller, Oct. 12, 2016: Trump Crowd Chants ‘CNN Sucks’ Yet Again

Washington Mockingbird, Oct. 24, 2016: The ugly history of ‘Lügenpresse,’ a Nazi slur shouted at a Trump rally

LA Times: ‘Impeach Earl Warren’

New York Post, Oct. 25, 2016: What did Obama know about Hillary’s private email server?

Breitbart, Oct. 23, 2016: Trump’s Gettysburg Address: I Will ‘Restore Security and the Constitutional Rule of Law’

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Infogalactic: Bully pulpit

Youtube playlist: Adam Curtis Documentaries

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CNN, Aug. 8, 2015: Donald Trump’s ‘blood’ comment about Megyn Kelly draws outrage

Youtube, Oct. 19, 2016: Megyn Kelly DESTROYS Donna Brazile FULL Interview 10/19/16

Youtube, Oct. 25, 2016: Newt Gingrich UNLOADS On Megyn Kelly Over Donald Trump: ‘You Are Fascinated with Sex!’

Infogalactic: Rupert Murdoch

Encyclopedia Britannica: Kim Campbell

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Infogalactic: Mark Malloch Brown, Baron Malloch-Brown

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The Atlantic, Jun. 12, 2013: ‘Walking-Around Money’: How Machine Politics Works in America Today

NPR, Oct. 24, 2016: Elizabeth Warren Rallies ‘Nasty Women’ To Vote For Clinton

Steel’s best troll
Grace and Steel Twitter, Oct. 19, 2016: ‘As Michael Moore said, “I hope she did kill Vince Foster. That’s badass.” That should be on the back of the Tee’

Youtube, Project Veritas Action, Oct. 24, 2016: Rigging the Election – Video III: Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton Was PERSONALLY Involved

Youtube, Project Veritas Action, Oct. 17, 2016: Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

Youtube, Project Veritas Action, Oct. 21, 2016: Hillary Clinton Ends Press Conference After She is Asked About Project Veritas Action Videos

Hillary Clinton Twitter

Youtube, Jul. 20, 2015: Hillary Just Chillin’ In Cedar Rapids (with editorial comment at the end of the video)

IMDb: The Thick of It

Anna Keller in Foward, Oct. 21, 2016: How Do I Explain My Trump Nazi Nightmare to My Mexican American Daughter?