Grace & Steel Ep. 55 09/28/16

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TOPIC: Trump 10, Clinton 7. We discuss the Sep. 26 presidential debate and rate it on the ten point must system.

Here are some links to stories and items mentioned in the podcast:

CNN Money, Sep. 27, 2016: Debate breaks record as most-watched in U.S. history

Time, Sep. 27, 2016: Read a Transcript of the First Presidential Debate Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

NBC, Sep. 26, 2016: The Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate)

Daily Mail, Sep. 27, 2016: ‘Was Lester Holt auditioning for Hillary’s press secretary?’ NBC moderator is criticized for Clinton bias by failing to ask about her emails or Benghazi

Washington Examiner, Sep. 27, 2016: In debate, Clinton gets no follow-up questions, Trump gets 6

Twitter #debatenight

Zereohedge, Sep. 5, 2016: Trump Slams Yellen: The Fed Has Created A “Stock Bubble” And “A False Economy” To Boost Obama

Jeff Cox at CNBC, Sep. 27, 2016: If Trump wins, ‘Yellen would resign fairly quickly’: Economist

Mediaite, Sep. 27, 2016: Republican Pundit Nicole Wallace: Hillary Clinton ‘Looked More Presidential’

PJ Media, Sep. 27, 2016: Trump: Hillary Has Experience, But It’s Bad Experience

KMG Tweet, Sep. 26, 2016: #LesterHolt did not demand #Hillary defend 1. Benghazi 2. Email server 3. #ClintonFoundation 4. Her 9/11 collapse & pneumonia #debatenight

Weekly Standard, Sep. 27, 2016: Hillary Demanded Trump Be Fact Checked, Then Botched Her Facts at the Debate

Wikipedia: Claud Cockburn

Liz Peek in Fox News, Sep. 27, 2016: At first debate, Trump couldn’t wipe that smug grin off Hillary’s face. But he came close

Breitbart, Sep. 26, 2016: Trump Bludgeons Clinton on Trade; Forces Her to Defend NAFTA

Lifezette, Sep. 27, 2016: Hillary Calls for Solyndra 2.0

The Week, Sep. 26, 2016: Donald Trump on blaming Hillary Clinton for everything: ‘Why not?’

Washington Examiner, Sep. 26, 2016: Trump: ‘Why not’ blame Clinton for ‘everything bad that’s ever happened’?

Fortune, Sep. 26, 2016: Donald Trump Says He’ll Release His Tax Returns When Hillary Clinton Releases Her ‘Deleted’ Emails

US Courts: Table F— Bankruptcy Filings (March 31, 2016)

Daniel Dale in the Toronto Star, Sep. 25, 2016: Donald Trump said seven false things on Saturday

New York Times, Feb. 6, 2016: The Vote for Bankruptcy Reform that Haunts Hillary Clinton

Daily Mail, Sep. 26, 2016: Clinton brands Trump a racist AND a sexist: Donald complains about ‘nasty’ comments after Hillary torments him over backing for ‘birther’ question, discrimination and treatment of women

Lifezette, Sep. 26, 2016: Hillary Clings to Myth of Systemic Racism in First Debate

Breitbart, Sep. 26, 2016: Law & Order at Debate: Trump Hammers, Hillary Stammers

Politico, Sep. 26, 2016: Trump is wrong: ‘Stop and frisk’ was ruled unconstitutional

The, Jan. 26, 2006: Opinion: Why Are DUI Sobriety Checkpoints Constitutional?

Buzzfeed, Jun. 20, 2016: Supreme Court Weakens Protections Against Unconstitutional Police Stops

McClatchy, Sep. 19, 2016: It’s one person’s word against another on the birther rumor

Zerohedge, Sep. 20, 2016: Emails Show Hillary Aide Sid Blumenthal Created Obama “Birther” Conspiracy

Breitbart, Sep. 16, 2016: Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Admits 2008 Birther Link

Workable: How to be an equal opportunity employer

National Policy Institute, Sep. 12, 2005: Affirmative Action and the Costs of Diversity

Reuters via Yahoo, Jun. 13, 2016: Clinton calls for U.S. ‘intelligence surge’ in wake of Orlando attack

The Hill, Jul. 14, 2016: Clinton calls for ‘intelligence surge’ after France attack

IMDb: Community Episode, Intro to Political Science (2011) Quotes

BBC, Apr. 10, 2013: Profile: Syria’s al-Nusra Front

Huffington Post UK, Feb. 5, 2013: Extraordinary Rendition And The Axis Of Evil, How ‘Enemy’ Nations Iran, Syria, Libya Cooperated With CIA

Daily Mail, Oct. 21, 2011: We came, we saw, he died: What Hillary Clinton told news reporter moments after hearing of Gaddafi’s death

Breitbart, Sep. 22, 2016: Hillary Clinton Shouts at Camera: ‘Why Aren’t I 50 Points Ahead’ of Donald Trump?

“NATO reported this week that Canadian defence spending hit record lows last year, falling to 0.98 per cent of gross domestic product.”
Toronto Star, Jul. 5, 2016: Trudeau defends Canada’s military spending record, points to NATO contribution

Canadian Forces: The Distant Early Warning Line and the Canadian Battle for Public Perception

Wikipedia: Geodesic Dome

US Debt Clock