Grace & Steel Ep. 54 09/22/16

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TOPIC: The Exhausted Elite. Our one percenters appear to be out of ideas about how to keep society up and running smoothly.

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CNN, Sep. 21, 2016: Sources: Bush 41 says he will vote for Clinton

Chicago Tribune, Aug. 23, 2016: Clinton makes working-class pitch while courting wealthy donors Learn more about Hillary’s vision for America

CNBC, Jul. 29, 2016: How slow is US economic growth? ‘Close to zero’

New York Times, May 6, 2016: Donald Trump’s Idea to Cut National Debt: Get Creditors to Accept Less

Bloomberg, Oct. 18, 2015: China’s Selling Tons of U.S. Debt. Americans Couldn’t Care Less.

Globe and Mail, Mar. 11, 2016: Canadian household debt soars to yet another record

Globe and Mail, Aug. 31, 2016: The trillion-dollar rise in U.S. student debt, explained in six charts

CNBC, Aug. 5, 2016: Here’s what the real unemployment rate looks like

Express UK, Mar. 8, 2011: Colonel Gaddafi: Immigrants will invade Europe

Ars Technica, Sep. 12, 2016: Jeff Bezos is not screwing around with his plans to colonize space

Maclean’s, Sep. 11, 2016: The North and the great Canadian lie

Good Reads: The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe

“…will be dropping bombs on us from space like kids dropping rocks onto cars from freeway overpasses.”
History Today: The Dark Side of the Moon

“… the transition to a lower-carbon, higher-innovation economy.”
Paul Wells in the Toronto Star, Aug. 10, 2016: Federal government can do only so much to influence the economy

SourceWatch: Apollo Alliance

New York Times, Aug. 18, 2011: Number of Green Jobs Fails to Live Up to Promises

Lorne Gunter in the Edmonton Sun, Sep. 14, 2016: Alberta NDP’s green plan not likely to succeed

Christina Blizzard in the Toronto Sun, Sep. 21, 2016: Wynne isn’t fooling Rural Ontario

National Post, Sep. 18, 2016: Ottawa will impose a carbon tax on any province that doesn’t adequately cut emissions, minister says

Business Insider, Feb. 1, 2013: Hewlett Packard Could Have Been Apple If Not For 5 Bad Decisions

John Crudele in the New York Post, Nov. 6, 2014: US economic growth is all an illusion

Barry Ferguson in Financial Sense, Jan. 24, 2012: The GDP Deception

Bloomberg, Aug. 7, 2015: Maybe the Commodities Supercycle Is Actually Real

Daily Mail, Feb. 28, 2016: Inside China’s ‘ghost cities’: Photographer captures country’s massive urban developments… without an inhabitant in sight

Fortune, Dec. 14, 2015: Chinese Officials Admit They Faked Economic Figures

CNBC, May 12, 2016: China’s commodities meltdown could rock the markets

Wikipedia: 1997 Asian financial crisis The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom by James Burnham paperback from $213.58 (used) Whaa!!??

This audiobook version is highly recommended by Grace & Steel podcast listener Ken R. The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom – Audiobook, CD

Weekly Standard, May 26, 2013: Schumer Refuses to Endorse Protege Anthony Weiner

Fox News, Sep. 21, 2016: New low: Disgraced Dem Anthony Weiner sorry after texts to 15-year-old revealed

Mashable, Sep. 10, 2014: Alibaba Market Cap Tops $225 Billion on IPO Debut, Passing Facebook

James Kunstler, Sep 12, 2016: Signs of Desperation

Investopedia: What is ‘Mark To Market – MTM’ Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt: Towards a Secular Theocracy by Paul Gottfried

PR Daily, Aug. 16, 2011: Study: 30 percent of millennials use cell phones to avoid human interaction

Business Insider, Aug. 30, 2016: Millennials hate ‘dealing with people’ — and it’s a major threat to fast-food workers

Margaret Thatcher Foundation, Sep 23, 1987: Interview for Woman’s Own (“no such thing as society”)

Global News, Dec. 18, 2015: Justin Trudeau makes Baltics a thing, because it’s 2015

CBC, Jul. 8, 2016: Canadian-led battle group will deploy to Latvia, part of NATO move to deter Russia–New NATO brigade raises the stakes for interfering in the Baltic states, Canada’s top general says How rich is Justin Trudeau?

“The Liberals captured 39.5 per cent of the popular vote, to 31.9 per cent for the Conservatives and 19.7 per cent for the NDP.”
Toronto Star, Oct. 20, 2015: Facts and figures from Canada’s 42nd general election

CBC, Apr. 19, 2016: 6 months in, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals still riding high in polls–Is there an end in sight for the Liberal ‘honeymoon’?

1968 election popular vote: Liberals 45.37%, Conservatives 31.43%, NDP 16.96%
Wikipedia: Canadian federal election, 1968

Florida Hospital: Symptoms and Signs of Mental Retardation

Wikipedia: The Panic of 1907 – J.P. Morgan

“Predictably, President Van Buren was blamed for the downturn.”
The Globalist, Feb. 11, 2009: Political Upheaval and the Depression of 1837

Canadian Encylopedia: Gordon Muir Campbell

University of Virginia Miller Center: Franklin D. Roosevelt: Impact and Legacy