Grace & Steel Ep. 52 09/06/16

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TOPIC: AltRight, Out from Under the Rubble. We examine some of the new platforms and definitions of the AltRight in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s promotion of the new movement in Nevada.

Here are some links to stories and items mentioned in the podcast;

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Kevin Michael Grace Tweet, Aug 30, 2016: A short and sweet statement of aims #AltRight (by The Right Stuff, Heartiste and RamzPaul)

Hannibal Bateman in Radix Journal, Aug. 25, 2016: What Was She Thinking

Vox Populi, Aug. 24, 2016: What the Alt Right is

Cathy Young via The Unbearable Dumbness of Being Alt-Right

Vox Populi, Aug. 28, 2016: (((Cathy Young))) critiques the #AltRight

Politico, Aug. 25, 2016: Transcript: Hillary Clinton’s full remarks in Reno, Nevada

Dave Weigel in the Washington Mockingbird, Aug. 8, 2016: Armed with junk science and old photos, critics question #HillarysHealth, Aug. 25, 2016: Hillary Clinton’s Reno, Nevada Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Daily Mail, Aug. 23, 2016: Google buries ‘Clinton body count’: Search engine accused of hiding negative stories during Hillary’s campaign

Whew! There’s Todd… at 1:14 of the Hillary’s coughing press chat on her plane. Todd’s in charge of the curtain. Is that a promotion?
Youtube, Sep. 5, 2016: #HACKINGHILLARY AGAIN! This Time Coughing Fit Is On Her New Plane (at 1:14m)

Washington Mockingbird, Jul. 8, 2015: Hillary Clinton dusts off the ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ charge. Does she have a point?

Bloomberg, May 30, 2012: The Democratic Roots of the Birther Movement

New York Post, Aug. 5, 2016: Clinton mistakenly refers to Trump as her ‘husband’

PolitiFact, Aug. 8, 2016: Tim Kaine falsely says Trump said ‘all Mexicans are rapists’

The Daily Caller, Jun. 1, 2016: Judge Presiding Over Trump University Case Is Member Of La Raza Lawyers Group

PolitiFact, Jul. 5, 2016: Donald Trump’s ‘Star of David’ tweet: a recap, Aug. 25, 2016: Alex Jones Responds To Hillary Clinton’s Attacks

Editorial, New York Post, Dec. 9, 2015: Hillary’s most repugnant lie

The Atlantic, Sep. 2, 2016: From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer

Good background on birthright citizenship
Breitbart, Aug. 25, 2015: History and Law Agree: No Birthright Citizenship

Milo in Breitbart, Dec. 8, 2015: Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy

Breitbart, Feb. 19, 2016: ‘Would You Rather Your Child Had Feminism or Cancer?’

FYI Hillary speech writers: Cold War over; Soviet Union doesn’t exist. Or “1989 called, it wants its foreign policy back.”
Wikipedia: Soviet Union

Joshua Seidel in Forward, Aug. 25, 2016: I’m a Jew, and I’m a Member of the Alt-Right.

NOTE: Ezra Levant’s column “Confessions of a Reform Party Jew” was printed in the Alberta Report Newsmagazine, Feb. 21, 1994 Vol. 21 Issue 10, p13. Not available online currently.

NOTE: Unsigned editorial “Come on in, the water’s fine” appeared in the Mar. 9, 1971 issue of the National Review and I couldn’t find a publicly available copy online

Haaretz, May 7, 2014: Jewish Watchdog Slams Dutch Politician Geert Wilders for Work With Foreign Rightists

Kevin Michael Grace in Chronicles via The Ambler, Jun. 1, 2004: Strictly From Hunger

Found a reprint of Kevin Grace’s article that appeared in The Report Newsmagazine, May 8, 2000, “Is this Kosher?

And here is a repost of the article that appeared in Forward, May 26, 2000 “Canadian Mag’s Unkosher Article” by Melissa Radler (scroll to the bottom of the page)

SPLC, Aug. 25, 2016: Whose Alt-Right Is It Anyway?

Youtube, Aug. 25, 2016: Guy shouts PEPE at hillary rally

Breitbart, Aug. 26, 2016: We Spoke To The Guy Who Yelled ‘Pepe’ During Hillary Clinton’s Alt-Right Speech

Katie Rogers in the New York Times, Aug. 24, 2016: The Complicated Appeal of the Harambe Meme

Wikipedia: Rudi Gernreich


Kajal Singh in What it means when people say that Donald Trump has ties to the white supremacist “alt-right.”

Caitlin Dewey in The Washington Mockingbird, Aug. 29, 2016: The alt-right, explained in its own words

Dave Weigel in The Washington Mockingbird, Aug. 24, 2016: What’s the alt-right? A primer

Allum Bokhari & Milo Yiannopoulos in Breitbart, Mar. 29, 2016: An Establishment Conservative’s Guide To The Alt-Right

Alexander Hart in American Renaissance, Aug. 30, 2016: Entryists or Entry Point? In Defense of the Alt-Lite

Jonah Goldberg in National Review via American Renaissance, Aug. 31, 2016: Time to John Birch the Alt-Right

Hannibal Bateman in Radix Journal, Aug. 25, 2016: What Is the Alt-Right?

Jason Wilson in the Guardian via American Renaissance, Aug. 26, 2016: ‘The Races Are Not Equal’: Meet the Alt-Right Leader in Clinton’s Campaign Ad

More good background on birthright citizenship
Crimepays blog, Jun. 9, 2011: Congress Moves to End Birthright Citizenship and Anchor Babies