Grace & Steel Ep. 51 08/30/16

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TOPIC: Our guest this episode is Bill Marchant of Canada’s nascent AltRight. He speaks to Kevin Michael Grace about the future of the movement in an icy land encased in frosty POZ.

Here are some links to ideas and stories that are mentioned in the podcast.

Bill Marchant Twitter

Northern Reaction blog

Reddit /pol

Unqualified Reservations (Mencius Moldbug blog)

The Daily Caller, May 3, 2016: The Man Behind The Hilarious Conservative Pundit Parody Account Speaks Out

Mark Steyn’s SteynOnline

Stefan Molyneux’s Freedomain Radio

The New Criterion

Northern Reaction, May 19, 2016: Statement of Purpose

Ross Douthat’s index at the New York Times

Ezra Levant’s The Rebel Shakedown: How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights by Ezra Levant

NOTE: Contains background on Trudeau (pere) and Pearson’s changing Canada
The New York Times Magazine, Dec. 8, 2015: Trudeau’s Canada, Again

Kevin Michael Grace in Report Newsmagazine via Internet Archive, Mar. 4, 2002: A self-hating nation

Wikipedia: Preston Manning

Heat Street, Aug. 18, 2016: Comedian Fined $42,000 by Human Rights Tribunal for Telling a Joke

The Interim, Apr. 16, 2012: Religious persecution in Canada

Wikipedia: Alberta Report

National Post, Apr. 29, 2013: Agency withdraws casting call for CBC show that specified ‘any race except Caucasian’

QUOTE “Biafra was a nightmare for the international community, especially for Britain, France and – given the almost single-handed initiatives of  Presbyterian leader Ted Johnson – Canada. The response of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (“where’s Biafra?”) and External Affairs Minister Mitchell Sharp was “shameful”, according to the Toronto Star of Feb. 21, 1969, usually a Liberal Party mouthpiece.”
The Africa Files: Biafra was the beginning

Jeremy Kinsmen in Canadian Studies, Vol 18: Who is my Neighbour? Trudeau and Foreign Policy (PDF)

Global Affairs Canada: Canadian Policy on Key Issues in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

National Post via Friends of the CBC, Nov. 8, 2007: RCMP convinced that communists had infiltrated CBC

Pew Research Center, Nov. 5, 2014: As GOP celebrates win, no sign of narrowing gender, age gaps

NOTE: Not Kenney but let’s face it, you get the idea… Canadian Cuckservative to the Core
Huffington Post Canada, Jun. 11, 2015: Liberals Are The ‘Racist Party,’ Immigration Minister Charges

Jason Kenney Twitter

Toronto Star, Nov. 13, 2013: Harper panders to Tamils by boycotting Commonwealth summit

Wikipedia: Lee Kuan Yew

NOTE: Here’s an interesting example of political leaders telling their high court to stuff it
The Sun, Aug. 30, 2016: ‘LIKE IT OR LUMP IT’ Defiant French mayors are STILL enforcing burkini bans at resorts across the country despite court ruling

Bill Whatcott case
Globe and Mail, Feb. 27, 2013: Supreme Court ruling upholds limits on free speech in case involving anti-gay proselytizer

Globe and Mail, Aug. 30, 2016: Ontario Liberals block opposition bid to toughen campaign finance rules

VDARE, Mar. 19, 2016: Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban: “Freedom Begins with Speaking the Truth”

The Guardian, Jul. 1, 2016: Austrian presidential election result overturned and must be held again

Reuters, Aug. 29, 2016: Far-right candidate ahead in polls to win Austrian presidency