Grace & Steel Ep. 48 08/06/16

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TOPIC: Bumbling American: The Interview. Kevin Michael Grace talks with the comedic Twitter troll about humor in the age of hyper-PC.

Here are some links to stories and items mentioned in this podcast

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Online Literature: John Donne’s “A Lecture Upon the Shadow”

IMDb: Heathers (1988)

BuzzFeed, May 23, 2013: Trayvon Martin Cell Phone Photos Show Weed, Guns And Horseback Riding

Politico, Mar. 23, 2012: Obama: ‘If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon’

The Express, Sep. 15, 2015: Migrant crisis: The truth about the boy on the beach Aylan Kurdi

Today, Oct. 5, 2009: Michelle Obama’s tips for being happy, healthy

USA Today, Feb. 3, 2015: Reggie Love–On being Obama’s ‘surrogate son’ and more

The Gateway Pundit, Aug. 2, 2016: ‘Body Man’ Reggie Love Sends Out Strange Email Requesting Birthday Wishes for Obama

Chateau Heartiste, Aug. 5, 2016: Everything Wrong With America, In A Photo An Interview with Barack Obama on His Religious Beliefs 2004

Youtube, Oct. 24, 2015: Bill & Hillary Clinton Extramarital Affairs 1992 60 Minutes

Kevin Michael Grace in the Financial Post, Feb. 3, 2013: Auguries – Virtual Reality
(Note: Michelle Obama TV listings in last paragraph)

Pacific Standard Magazine, Jun. 6, 2016: An Election Season Conversation With Ralph Nader, the Nation’s No. 1 Public-Interest Crusader

AP via Toledo Blade, Feb. 18, 1980 (via Google News Search): Reagan’s Ethnic Joke Draws Criticism

Wikipedia: Don Rickles

Wikipedia: Wired (book) by Bob Woodward

Wikipedia: Andy Kaufman How to Be a Stand-Up Comic by Rick Belzer

IMDb: Seinfeld Episode–The Cigar Store Indian Dec. 9, 1993

Gregory Alan Elliot tweet, Aug. 1, 2016: FYI #cdnpoli fans… Prime Minister Justin #Trudeau has almost 550,000 fake followers on Twitter.

FYI for those who do not know the extent of the phoney Trudeaumania in Canada
Dan Arnold in The National Post, Apr. 12, 2013: Dan Arnold: Power rankings (and Twitterverse) favour Justin in a walk