Grace & Steel Ep. 42 19/06/16

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1. After Orlando: Intersectionality Crack-Up
2. 2nd Half: A Word About Brexit (1h 4m 15s)
3. We lighten up: KMG regales us with punk memories from his journey to London in the summer of ’76 (1h 13m 49s)

Here are some links to stories and items mentioned in the podcast;

AFTER ORLANDO: INTERSECTIONALITY CRACK-UP Jun. 12, 2016: Donald J. Trump Statement Regarding Tragic Terrorist Attack in Orlando, Florida

NBC, Jun. 13, 2016: Gunman Omar Mateen Described as Belligerent, Racist and ‘Toxic’

Daily Mail, Jun. 13, 2016: ‘Omar Mateen was gay’: Orlando terrorist pursued a relationship with male classmate, was a regular at gay bars including Pulse for the past decade, and used hookup apps like Grindr to meet men

Amanda Marcotte in Salon, Jun. 14, 2016: The narrative falls apart: Evidence that Omar Mateen was in the closet undermines GOP framing of the Orlando shooting

The Sun (UK), Jun. 13, 2016: Barack Obama says there’s no sign Orlando gunman Omar Mateen was part of a larger terrorist plot

Zerohedge, Jun. 13, 2016: Orlando Killer Worked For Company Transporting Illegal Immigrants Inside US; Was Interviewed By FBI 3 Times

Bearing Arms, Jun. 13, 2016: NARRATIVE FAIL: Orlando Islamic Terrorist Did NOT Use An AR-15

Washington Post, Jun. 14, 2016: The gun the Orlando shooter used was a Sig Sauer MCX, not an AR-15. That doesn’t change much.

Salon, Jun. 17, 2016: The AR-15 has to go: Sorry, Jon Stokes, but your toy isn’t more important than people’s lives

Adam Goldenberg Twitter

CBC, Jun. 13, 2016: ‘Homophobia cannot be fought with Islamophobia’: Premier Wynne speaks at LGBT vigil for Orlando victims in Toronto

The Express, Jun. 13, 2016: Owen Jones STORMS OFF interview as presenter fails to call Orlando massacre an LGBT attack

Steerpike in The Spectator, Jun. 14, 2016: Owen Jones fails to practise what he preaches on LGBT voices

NBC, Jun. 18, 2016: Some Gay Voters Say It’s ‘Dangerous’ to Come Out for Trump

Wikipedia: 2001 anthrax attacks

Crime Library: The DC Sniper Beltway Attacks

AP via Maclean’s, Jun. 13, 2016: Hillary Clinton vows to prioritize stopping ‘lone wolf’ attackers

Daily Mail, Jun. 12, 2016: Did a delay in response give the gunman more time? Cops face questions over why it took three hours for SWAT teams to storm Orlando nightclub as police chief admits officers may have shot some of the VICTIMS

NPR, Jul. 21, 2012: How Columbine Shaped Police Response To Shootings

CNN, May 18, 2015: 9 dead in Texas biker brawl

Yahoo, Jun. 3, 2015: Waco police seeking to bar information about Texas biker shooting

Mike Cernovich, Danger and Play, Jun. 12, 2016: There was More than One Shooter at Pulse in Orlando

Counterpunch, Jun. 17, 2016: Law Enforcement Misrepresentation of Orlando Killer’s 911 Call Ignores U.S. Foreign Policy Motivation

Zerohedge, Jun. 20, 2016: DOJ Will Censor All References To Islamic Terrorism From Orlando 911 Call Transcripts

New York Times, Aug. 12, 2015: DNA Is Said to Solve a Mystery of Warren Harding’s Love Life

Reuters, Jun. 14, 2016: Trump revokes Washington Post’s campaign press credentials

Wikipedia: Operation Mockingbird

Wikipedia: Jeff Bezos
August 5, 2013 – “Bezos announces his purchase of The Washington Post for $250 million cash. He reveals in 2016 that he did not do “due diligence when accepting the first offer from former The Washington Post owner, Don Graham.”

Washington Post, Oct. 1, 2013: Washington Post closes sale to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

The Atlantic, Jul. 17, 2014: The Details About the CIA’s Deal With Amazon

KMG Twitter

Twitter #Shadowban

Steve’s comment on Vox Day’s site, June 13, 2016 (referenced by KMG)

Forbes, Oct. 7, 2015: Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed Ups Stake In Twitter To 5%

Daily Mail, Jan. 29, 2016: ‘Need me to bail you out a third time?’ Saudi prince slams Trump after GOP front-runner puts Photoshopped pic of him and Megyn Kelly on Twitter – and The Donald says it’s the prince who ‘needs bailing out’

Kinda Ibrahim on The Official Twitter Blog, Jun. 5, 2016: Welcome the holy month of Ramadan on Twitter

Daily Mail, Jun. 10, 2016: Leave soars to 10-point lead: Poll blow for Remain as ‘out of touch’ Labour tears itself itself apart on migration

BBC, June 16, 2016: Jo Cox MP dead after shooting attack

Southern Poverty Law Center, Jun. 16, 2016: Thomas Mair, alleged killer of British MP Jo Cox, was a longtime supporter of the neo-Nazi National Alliance.

The Herald Sun, Jun. 17, 2016: Those who knew Thomas Mair, the man accused of killing a UK MP express shock at his involvement

The Guardian, Jun. 17, 2016: Nazi regalia discovered at house of Jo Cox killing suspect

Zerohedge, Jun. 17, 2016: How Angela Merkel Tried To Politicize The Murder Of UK Lawmaker Jo Cox

Breitbart, Jun. 17, 2016: ‘Britain First’ Shout Eyewitness on BNP Membership List

The Guardian, Jun. 18, 2016: Jo Cox murder accused gives name as ‘death to traitors, freedom for Britain’

IMDB: In the Loop (2009)

Bloomberg, Jun. 18, 2016: First Brexit Poll Since Jo Cox Killing Has ‘Remain’ in Lead

Raheem Kassam Twitter

Youtube, May 30, 2010: Oswald Mosley Speaks for European Unity (1951)

Canadian Museum of Immigration: Canadian Citizenship Act, 1947

McGill-Queen’s University Press: The Language of the Skies: The Bilingual Air Traffic Control Conflict in Canada

The Who: Misc Images 1971 (lots of Roger Daltrey with long curly hair)

Youtube, Sep. 4, 2015: Sex Pistols 100 Club 20, 9, 1976 (audio only)

The Guardian, Jun. 14, 2011: Ramones show London anyone can form a band: 4 July 1976: Number 10 in our series of the 50 key events in the history of indie music

The Independent, May 22, 1999: It was 25 years ago today–Crushed to death at a David Cassidy concert

Wikipedia: Nick Lowe

Wikipedia: Nick Kent

And playing us out
Youtube, Nov. 16, 2012: Carroll Gibbons – I’m Gonna Get Lit Up (When The lights Go On In London)


Promo for this episode written by Kevin Michael Grace for and posted there first July 2, 2016, 9:43 am

Grace & Steel Podcast: Orlando and the Battle for the West; London, 1976: My Punk Rock Summer; etc.

Episode 42 of my podcast is now posted here (with copious links). In Part 1, we discuss the Orlando massacre and the plague of intersectionality. Diversity has given us a world where the commonweal has disappeared. Instead, there are innumerable minority groups mewling, “What about us and our pain?”

Conspicuous in this regard was the LGBTQAEIOU+SometimesY brigade. Owen Jones, who has replaced the disgraced Johann Hari as Britain’s ubiquitous leftist media twink, flounced off the set of an interview because the interviewer refused to regard the Orlando dead as gay martyrs. In his view, their status as Latinos and Americans was surplus to requirements. Elsewhere, gay activists employed the Orlando dead as cudgels in their battle to force authorities to allow homosexuals to once again donate blood. It’s as if the 1980s never happened.

The Orlando narrative threatened to go off the rails when it was revealed that the killer, Omar Mateen, was himself a conflicted homosexual. The FBI then poured cold water on this revelation, leaving everyone thoroughly confused and leading some observers, including the present writer, to conclude with Claud Cockburn (and others), “Believe nothing until it has been officially denied.”

World leaders issued the usual pro forma declarations of solidarity with the victims and spoke of the need to combat a threat they could not bring themselves to mention by name: “radical Islam.” Donald Trump, as always, was the exception:

If we do not get tough and smart real fast, we are not going to have a country anymore. Because our leaders are weak, I said this was going to happen—and it is only going to get worse. I am trying to save lives and prevent the next terrorist attack. We can’t afford to be politically correct anymore.

Trump is now in the unlikely position (for a Republican presidential nominee) of being the champion of the gays against those who would kill them and against those who refuse to specify who those killers are. The Donald was mocked and pilloried for his cautionary stance on Muslim immigration, but this has been vindicated, with a majority of Americans now agreeing with a temporary ban on all Muslims entering the United States.

We then engage in some special pleading. Even as the number of my Twitter followers continues to grow (now +2,500) and my 28-day total of “impressions” (page views) tops 800,000, it appears that Twitter is not best pleased with what I have to say. I have now four times been subjected to what has been called the “shadowban.” As the name suggests, this is not an outright ban; instead, the social-media company refuses, with no explanation, to send your tweets to your followers. As a commenter at Vox Day’s site pointed out:

The only value in these companies is their user base. Driving away users because of politics is like UPS announcing they don’t want to carry packages from people with red hair. And because of network effects, the more users they alienate, the stronger the competition will become.

In Part 2, we engage in some nostalgia for 1976. “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven!” Or so it seemed to me, who spent a month in London that year, wilting in the heat of the hottest summer of the century and getting to know about punk rock at first hand. I saw the Sex Pistols (and the Damned) twice at the legendary 100 Club and was present at the equally legendary July 4, 1976, concert at the Roundhouse with the Flamin’ Groovies, Ramones and the Stranglers.

I met one of my heroes, the New Musical Express journalist Nick Kent, and a singer-songwriter who was to become one, the wonderful Nick Lowe. I had a short conversation with Johnny Rotten:

KMG: Hi, Johnny!

JR: Who’re you?

KMG: Just a fan.

JR: Ahn’t they ahlllll!

I also visited Paris and won an unexpected and delightful victory over the French bureaucracy, but to learn how a group of American schoolteachers saved my bacon, you’ll have to listen in.