2Kevins with Grace & Steel Ep. 32 04/09/16


1. After Wisconsin (heading to the New Jersey Turnpike)
2. 2Kevins biz, a recurring donation method for the podcast (51m 49s)
3. 2nd Half: New Work for the Old Lie–Our review of Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble by Dan Lyons (1h 4m 31s)

Decision Desk main page

Daily Mail, Apr. 4, 2016: ‘Our eyes connected and I thought “Wow”‘: Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin gushes about presidential hopeful and describes the moment they first met

Metro News, Apr. 6, 2016: Detailed questionnaire greets would-be Conservative leadership candidates

Face to Face blog, Mar. 2, 2016: Electoral showdown between Eastern vs. Western America

Political Insider, Apr. 3, 2016: A Sex Scandal About To EXPLODE!?!

Huffington Post, Mar. 30, 2016: Female Conservative Media Stars Call On Trump To Fire Campaign Manager

Mike Cernovich in Danger and Play, Mar. 29, 2016: How Michelle Fields Conned Prosecutors into Charging Corey Lewandowski with Battery

Michelle Fields Incident – Steel’s stills on 2Kevins.com

Sarah Rumpf Twitter (“rumpfshaker” Get it?)

Mary Katherine Ham Twitter (“Deep intellectual things are my jam.”)

Emily Zanotti Twitter (“Cosplay”)

Elisha Krauss Twitter (“Krauss in da house”)

Chuck Johnson in GotNews, Mar. 30, 2016: FRAUD: Michelle Fields’s Honduran Born Mama Is Pro-Amnesty, Anti-Trump Activist #GrabGate

Crazy Days and Nights, Apr. 6, 2016: BLIND ITEM–The Payoff

LinkedIn: Sarah Isgur Flores – Deputy Campaign Manager at Carly for President

Mediaite, Mar. 30, 2016: D.C. Madam’s Lawyer Confirms He Has Phone Records That Could Impact Election

The Wilberforce Project

Liberapay: 2Kevins donation page

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Amazon.com: Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble Hardcover by Dan Lyons

New York Post, Apr. 3, 2016: Millennials are being dot.conned by cult-like tech companies

Amazon.com: My Years with General Motors by Alfred Sloan

Amazon.com: The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age by Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha and Chris Yeh

Tech Crunch, Aug. 5, 2009: Other Companies Should Have To Read This Internal Netflix Presentation

IBDM: Silicon Valley

Amazon.com: Thick of It, The: Seasons 1-4

Daily Mail, Apr. 7, 2019: US is facing economic disaster unless politicians quit ‘scapegoats’ and ‘ideological wars’ warns JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon

RELATED (not mentioned in the podcast but since these were dug up while researching the topic, I might as well post them–KS)
George Deeb in The Next Web, Apr. 4, 2016: Are millennials wreaking havoc on employers, or vice versa?

Variety, Mar. 26, 2016: Vice Media Ad Sales Chief Exits on Heels of Web Traffic Decline

CNN Money, Mar. 22, 2016: Vice Media’s Millennial reach comes under scrutiny

The Hollywood Reporter, Mar. 30, 2016: Gawker Beats Lawsuit Over Unpaid Internships

New York Post, Mar. 21, 2016: Hulk Hogan wins $25 million more from Gawker in sex-tape lawsuit

Business Insider UK, Mar. 7, 2016: Someone is editing Wikipedia to make the founder of collapsed tech unicorn Powa look better

Business Insider UK, Mar. 5, 2016: Around 160 staff at collapsed fintech Powa Technologies are still ‘in limbo’