2Kevin with Grace & Steel Ep. 28 03/10/16


1. The GOPe and the Ides of March
2. Grace’s Twitter Update: Shadowban undone? (38m 11s)
3. 2nd Half: Analog Memories: Recalling the heyday of the cassette tape (53m 22s)

Politico.com: 2016 Presidential Primaries Results

Reuters, Mar. 7, 2016: Foreign diplomats voicing alarm to U.S. officials about Trump

(Marco Rubio in the oversized chair)
Daily Mail, Mar. 6, 2016: ‘Little Marco has to go’: Memes mocking Rubio for being small go viral as he fails to win any states on super Saturday and both Trump and Cruz tell him to drop out

(includes at #3 – Miliband’s banana drama)
Express, Jan. 27, 2016: George Osborne EXPOSES himself to ridicule and NINE more political photo gaffes

Vanity Fair, Mar. 8, 2016: Tech C.E.O.s Held a Secret Meeting with Top Republicans to Stop Trump

Nassim Nicholas Taleb on facebook.com, Mar. 7, 2016: The *establishment* composed of…

azfamily.com, Mar. 8, 2016: Sheriff Babeu–Obama has ‘handcuffed’ Border Patrol

Quartz, Feb. 24, 2016: “I love the poorly educated”—Read Donald Trump’s full Nevada victory speech

Gateway Pundit, Mar. 8, 2016: Kansas City Mass Murderer Captured in Rural Missouri – Is Mexican Illegal Immigrant Who Was Previously Deported

The Guardian, Mar. 8, 2016: Candidates prepare for primaries in Mississippi and Michigan – as it happened–Michigan voter profile

Howard Kurtz on Fox News, Mar. 8, 2016: Media warnings against Donald Trump shift from aggressive to apocalyptic

DonaldJTrump.com, Mar. 7, 2016: Donald J. Trump Statement On New Census Data Showing Record Immigration Growth

Toronto Star, Mar. 6, 2016: 60 Minutes mixes up Margaret Trudeau and Kim Cattrall

Globe and Mail, Mar. 4, 2016: Trudeau on 60 minutes: Canadians want Americans to pay more attention to world

Maclean’s, Dec. 16, 2015: The Baltics to Trudeau: Yes, we’re a ‘thing’

Kevin Michael Grace’s Twitter

Milo Yiannopoulos in Breitbart, Feb. 16, 2016: Twitter Shadowbanning ‘Real and Happening Every Day’ Says Inside Source

Brendan O’Neill in The Spectator, Feb. 11, 2016: Twitter’s new ‘Safety Council’ makes a mockery of free speech

ThunderfOOt on Youtube, Nov. 12, 2014: Anita Sarkeesians Master Thesis -Pure Comedy Gold!

The Independent, Jan. 23, 2014: Facebook is an ‘infectious disease’ and will lose 80% of users by 2017, according to researchers

Radio Museum: Heathkit Stereo Amplifier AA-15

The Vintage Knob: Tandberg Cassette Recorder TCD 310

Vintage Cassette: Tandberg TCD 310 / 310 Single Cassette Deck For Sale MSRP $499

Google: Images for dual 701 turntable

Analogue Alley: Dual 701 Owner’s Manual

Billboard, Mar. 5, 2016: Eminem Plans to Re-Release ‘The Slim Shady LP’ on Cassette

Ars Techinca, Dec. 24, 2015: Retro-tech: 2015 was an astounding year for one cassette tape factory

Amazon.com: Mix Tape–The Art of Cassette Culture, by Thurston Moore

Youtube.com: Say Anything… (3/5) Movie CLIP – Boombox Serenade (1989) HD

Yahoo Movies, April 14, 2014: The Tale of That ‘Say Anything’ Boombox Scene, 25 Years Later