2Kevins with Grace & Steel Ep. 19 12/28/15


  1. Britain’s got no class
  2. Conservativism is a busted flush (57m 25s)

Here are some links to stories referred to in the podcast;

Amazon.com: The Neophiliacs: Revolution in English Life in the Fifties and Sixties, Paperback – Import, 1992 $40.08 USD (used)

Peter Hitchens’ Blog in the Mail On Sunday, April 6, 2015: Some Thoughts on Christopher Booker’s ‘The Neophiliacs

Wikipedia: Jamie Oliver

Wikipedia: Marconi scandal

Amazon.com: A. N. Wilson’s biography of Hillaire Belloc

Daily Mail, May 20, 2015: More than 1,400 men investigated over historic child sex abuse allegations in wake of Savile scandal – including TV stars, politicians, and musicians

Douglas Murray in the Spectator, Jan. 5, 2015: The damning, shocking, depressing life of Jeremy Thorpe

The Star, July 14, 2015: Rotherham councillors ‘tried to keep a lid on grooming scandal’, says Alexis Jay

The Independent, Aug. 4, 2015: Ted Heath to Cyril Smith: Five high-profile political figures we know have been accused of child sex abuse

Peter Hitchens’ blog at the Daily Mail, Nov. 20, 2013: The Fiddling of Crime Figures – Vindication of my Warnings

Daily Mail, Dec. 29, 2015: Flood victims slam ‘luvvie’ actor Michael Sheen for saying he was ‘sick’ of hearing calls for any of Britain’s £12 billion foreign aid to be spent on UK weather defences

Daily Mail, Dec. 28, 2015: Simon Cowell shows off his sunburn as he heads to the beach in Barbados with beautiful girlfriend Lauren Silverman

Daily Mail, Dec. 28, 2015: London exodus: 64,000 families moved OUT of the capital in 2015 with thousands unable to afford their first home while others ‘cashed in’ as the property price gap peaked

Amazon.co.uk: Anthony Burgess’s Wanting Seed (Norton Paperback Fiction) £8.75

George Will in the Washington Post, Dec. 23, 2015: If Trump wins the nomination, prepare for the end of the conservative party

Wikipedia: George Will

James Kirkpatrick in Vdare, Dec. 20, 2015: Whither the American Right: Cruz And “Movement Conservatism”—Or Trump And National Conservatism?

William Buckley in Commonweal, Jan. 25, 1952: The Party and the Deep Blue Sea (PDF via adamgomez.wordpress.com)

The Hill, Dec. 26, 2015: Fury of the Right falls on Ryan

Wikipedia: Fusionism

William J. Bennett in Commentary Magazine, Nov. 1, 1997: What Good Is Government?