Grace & Steel Ep. 80 05/06/17

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TOPIC: Taking Back the Town Square. On the importance for Americans to take back their right to free assembly which is being menaced by escalating leftist violence.

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Our cover image is from a photo of the wedgie seen ’round the world, taken at the 2nd Battle of Berkeley “The Battle of Berkeley summed up in one image

Heat Street, Mar. 8, 2017: The Epic Saga of Based Stick Man

Sammy’s Shitposts on Youtube, Apr. 22, 2017: Second Battle of Berkeley v2

Fox News, Apr. 26, 2017: The Latest: Ann Coulter tells AP ‘Berkeley canceled’

Washington Post, Apr. 27, 2017: Portland rose parade canceled after ‘antifascists’ threaten GOP marchers

Infogalactic: Concordia University Netanyahu riot, in Montreal on September 9, 2002

Gavin McInnes in VDARE, Mar. 29, 2005: Jared Taylor Meets Canada’s Multicultural Madrassa —Almost

Fox News, Mar. 26, 2010: Ann Coulter on Her Cancelled Speech in Canada DENY ‘Roosh V’ Accommodation in Canada for the Purposes of Disseminating Hate

CTV News, Feb. 3, 2016: Blogger ‘not welcome’ here: Canadian mayors tell Roosh V

QUOTE: “MR. [DEAN] STEACY: Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value.”
Muse Free, Jun. 1, 2008: Freedom of speech is an American concept

Canadian Constitution Act, 1982 (PDF)

CTV News, Nov. 14, 2016: Toronto police investigating racist, anti-immigrant posters

24hrs Vancouver, Nov. 30, 2016: More racist flyers distributed in Richmond

FLASH FLASH Americans! This is the Canadian BS you want to flag. QUOTE: “Therefore, federal or a provincial legislature can limit fundamental rights, but only if that government can show that the limit is reasonable, is prescribed by law, and can be justified in a free and democratic society. The interests of society must be balanced against the interests of individuals to see if limits on individual rights can be justified.” NOTE: The word “society” here always means “the elite” and the limits are always justified, by them, against any opinion that challenges their own.
Government of Canada: How your rights are protected

Alheli Picazo in Maclean’s, May 1, 2017: How the alt-right weaponized free speech–The fight for free speech is a worthy one. But the alt-right’s co-opting of the movement exposes their unsavoury motives

Alheli Picazo in Aside (Blog), Mar. 18, 2017: Learning to live with the body you’re in

GoFundMe: Project Smile by Alheli Picazo

Alheli Picazo Twitter

Ulrich Baer in the New York Times, Apr. 24, 2017: What ‘Snowflakes’ Get Right About Free Speech

The Z Blog, May 1, 2017: What We Have, We Hold

Pleasureman in My Posting Career Thread, The Future of Racism, Jun. 30, 2013:

Infogalactic: Canadian Human Rights Commission free speech controversy

Akinokure in Face to Face blog, Feb. 3, 2017: Rioters target free assembly, not speech, to prevent rival team’s pep rallies

East Bay Times: The price of free speech: Alameda County sheriff hits up UC for policing cost

Ron Hart in the Daily Caller, May 2, 2017: Free Speech Suffocated On Campus: The Silence Of The Lambs

Stanley Kurtz in National Review’s The Corner, May 2, 2017: Melissa Melendez’s California Campus Free Speech Act

David Krayden in the Ottawa Sun, Apr. 22, 2017: Conservative party leadership candidate says de-fund universities if they won’t defend free speech

Vox Populi, Apr. 26, 2017: Young Americans for freedom–“At least, as long as they don’t have to fight for it or take any risks.”

CNN, Mar. 12, 2016: Trump supporters, protesters clash after Chicago rally postponed

Daily Caller, Oct. 18, 2016: Activist Who Took Credit For Violent Chicago Protests Was On Hillary’s Payroll

Washington Post, Jun. 3, 2016: Ugly, bloody scenes in San Jose as protesters attack Trump supporters outside rally

Breitbart, Aug. 20, 2016: Leftist Activists Crash Trump Fundraiser, Attack Motorcade, Assault Trump Supporters in Violent ‘Gauntlet’

CBS News, Nov. 12, 2016: “You voted Trump” yelled at man while he’s beaten in Chicago streets

Brainy Quote: Samuel Johnson

WorldNetDaily, Mar. 15, 2016: Soros-funded group promises even more anti-Trump protests

Youtube, Aug. 6, 2010: Altamont Free Concert – Death of Meredith Hunter

Amanda Marcotte in Salon, May 2, 2017: Alt-right hopes to organize street-fighting goon squad: Is it more than macho posturing?

Washington Post, Jan. 25, 2017: Resort cancels ‘white nationalist’ organization’s first-ever conference over the group’s views

James Fulford in VDARE, Feb. 16, 2010: American Renaissance Conference Cancelled As Hotel Gives In To Death Threats

Rolling Stone, May 5, 2016: Want to Move to Canada If Trump Wins? Not So Fast–Liberal Americans threaten to move to Canada every four years — but it’s neither easy to do so nor a terribly good idea

Vivian Krause in Alberta Oil, Jul. 2, 2014: Following the (primarily U.S.) money funding Canada’s anti-oil movement

Truth Revolt, Aug. 19, 2014: Al Sharpton Led His First Anti-Semitic Race-Riot In Crown Heights, Twenty-Three Years Ago Today Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole by Ann Coulter

Genevieve Wood in The Daily Signal, Apr. 21, 2017: Even With Republicans in Charge, Upcoming Budget Battle Looks Grim

Anthony L. Fisher in The Week, May 1, 2017: Liberals’ free-speech amnesia

Geoffrey R. Stone in the Huffington Post, May 1, 2017: Political Conservatives Suddenly Embrace Free Speech On Campus

Youtube, Aug. 12, 2012: Looks like those clowns in Congress did it again…

Gateway Pundit, Apr. 20, 2017: Antifa Terrorist Who Beat Trump Supporter in Head WITH BIKE LOCK Identified as Local Professor!

NPR, Apr. 19, 2017: White Nationalist Richard Spencer’s Speech At Auburn Sparks Protests, Arrests

NOTE: Canadian Gov. false flag whitewash
Nizkor Project: The Heritage Front Affair–Report to the Solicitor General of Canada, Security Intelligence Review Committee, December 9, 1994

Stewart Bell in the National Post, May 1, 2017: Soldiers of Odin splinter in Canada over ‘racist agenda’ of far-right group’s leadership in Finland

Independent, Mar. 13, 2017: BBC interview crashed by cute children sparks racism row as viewers mistake mum for ‘nanny’

Globe and Mail, Apr. 25, 2017: Ignatieff seeks EU help to prevent closure of Soros-founded university Michael Ignatieff’s looming battle with Hungary
Also published in Maclean’s Mar. 30, 2017