Grace & Steel Ep. 79 04/25/17

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TOPIC: A Conversation with P. D. Mangan. Co-host Kevin Michael Grace speaks with the health and fitness author about his books and inspiration.

Here are some links to articles and items mentioned in the podcast;

Rogue Health and Fitness

P. D. Mangan Twitter @Mangan150

Books by P. D. Mangan (on, newest first)

Dumping Iron: How to Ditch This Secret Killer and Reclaim Your Health

Muscle Up: How Strength Training Beats Obesity, Cancer, and Heart Disease, and Why Everyone Should Do It

Stop the Clock: The Optimal Anti-Aging Strategy

Top Ten Reasons We’re Fat: And What to Do About It

Best Supplements for Men’s Health, Strength, and Virility: A Concise, Scientific Guide to Maintaining Youth, Vigor, and Manhood

Smash Chronic Fatigue: A Concise, Science-Based Guide to Help Your Body Heal, and Banish Fatigue Forever
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NOTE: Article on the McGovern hearings
NPR, Mar. 28, 2014: Why We Got Fatter During The Fat-Free Food Boom

Infogalactic: Ancel Keys

Infogalactic: Christopher Lasch

Quora: Baking: What is the difference between shortening and lard?

Inquisitr, Nov. 8, 2014: Anne Hathaway Swaps Vegan Diet for High Protein Paleo-Style Plan, Apologizes to Peta

Daily Mail, Jul. 1, 2013: Fanatic vegans launch website to name and shame former followers who are now meat lovers

New York Magazine, Dec. 3, 2014: 84 Percent of Vegetarians Go Back to Eating Meat

Hal Herzog in Psychology Today, Jun. 20, 2011: Why Do Most Vegetarians Go Back To Eating Meat?–For most people, vegetarianism is temporary phase. Why?

University of Sydney, Dec. 12, 2014: The protein leverage hypothesis

Chicago Tribune, Mar. 13, 1992: Ditka Gets 2nd New Hip–Pain Became Uncontrollable

QUOTE: “The marathon has a proud history and is steeped in tradition. … At the end of this historical run he collapsed and died from the exertions of fulfilling his duty.” [Bolding mine-ed.:]
Time to Run, Marathon Information: The History of the Marathon

Club Industry, Sep. 1, 2008: Dr. Kenneth Cooper and How He Became Known as the Father of Aerobics Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plans for Physical Fitness: Two Books in One / Two Famous Basic Plans (The XBX Plan for Women, the 5BX Plan for Men) (PDF): Vintage Royal Canadian Air Force 5BX Fitness Plan

US National Library of Medicine, Clin Biochem Rev. May 2005: Insulin and Insulin Resistance

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: Calculate Your Body Mass Index

Shape Magazine: BMI vs Weight vs Waist Circumference What is Hemochromatosis?

Wikipedia: Longevity in Okinawa

Huffington Post, Sep. 4, 2013: China’s Diabetes Rates Highest In The World