Grace & Steel Ep. 78 04/19/17

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TOPIC: Talking with the Z Blogger. Co-host Kevin Michael Grace speaks to the Baltimore-based writer about why he started blogging, his home city and other things.

Here are some links to stories and items mentioned in the podcast:

Episode 78 of Grace & Steel is sponsored by Pepe Reads, an Alt-Right, patriotic book club which will meet monthly in downtown Vancouver. Those interested in taking part are invited to contact the organizer at

Our cover art is from The Z Blog banner, a detail of Alaric in Athens by Ludwig Thiersch.

The Z Blog

Z Blogger’s Twitter

Youtube, Feb. 17, 2013: The McKenzie Brothers SCTV

Orlando Sentinel: Articles about Pat Buchanan by Date, Pg. 3

Newsweek, Dec. 22, 1991: Is Pat Buchanan Anti-Semitic?

Encyclopaedia Britannica: Proscription–ancient Roman notice

Steve Sailer’s Blog on the Unz Review

Youtube, Feb. 16, 2010: Clark gets lost in the hood (National Lampoon’s Vacation)

Find a Grave: Edgar Allan Poe

IMDb: The Wire

La Griffe cu Lion, Aug. 2002: The Effect of Urban Flight on IQ Distribution

The Z Blog, Apr. 11, 2017: A Post About Feudalism

All Animals magazine via Humane Society, May 20, 2010: The Purebred Paradox–Is the quest for the “perfect” dog driving a genetic health crisis?

Daily Caller, Apr. 14, 2014: Lois Lerner sits in her lavish house on $2.4 million property as she awaits possible contempt charge

Washington Examiner, May 15, 2013: IRS exec got $42K in bonuses in three years

Youtube, Dec. 2, 2013: 12 O’CLOCK BOYS : Baltimore’s Infamous Dirtbike Gang [Documentary Film]

New York Post, Apr. 18, 2017: FBI used Trump dossier to justify monitoring of ex-aide: report

James Howard Kunstler’s Clusterfuck Nation, Mar. 24, 2017: The Swamp Drains Trump

James Fulford in VDARE, Jan. 12, 2012: Moynihan’s Law Of The Canadian Border: .522 Correlation

QUOTE: “My colleagues and I—all dressed as Patrick Bateman from the 2000 cult-film American Psycho—decided to venture out into Georgetown, the biggest SWPL retreat from the black undertow that exists in the District of Corruption.”
Paul Kersey in VDARE, Nov. 7, 2011: Halloween In Georgetown: Africa In Our Midst?

The Z Blog: Essential Knowledge

University of Central Florida: Mortimer Adler and the Great Books Program

Encyclopaedia Britannica: Thirty Years’ War

Youtube Playlist, Oct. 31, 2016: Kenneth Clark’s Civilization

Baltimore Sun, Jan. 2, 2017: In 2016, Baltimore’s second-deadliest year on record, bullets claimed targets and bystanders alike

Peter Hitchens Blog in the Daily Mail, Nov. 11, 2012: Crime ISN’T falling, it’s just that we’ve given up trying to combat it

Investopedia: The Louvre Accord: The Fight Against U.S. Dollar Deflation

Fox News, Apr. 10, 2017: Police violently drag man from United plane after airline reportedly overbooked flight

QUOTE: “And then finally, when there’s nothing left, when you can’t borrow another buck from the bank or buy another case of booze, you bust the joint out; you light a match.”
Youtube, Dec. 30, 2009: Goodfellas Restaurant Scene

Daily Mail, Jan. 30, 2015: Where your boss will be come the revolution: ‘Boltholes with airstrips’ in New Zealand that are being bought by world’s super-rich who want a hideout in case of ‘civil uprising’

Marginal Revolution

Nick Pell in the Irish Times, Jan. 4, 2017: The alt-right movement: everything you need to know

NOTE: Didn’t find a Nicholas Pell article about trusting people who’ve been punched, but I did find this
Scott Locklin in Taki’s Magazine, Sep. 7, 2011: Never Trust Anyone Who Hasn’t Been Punched in the Face

Bedford and Bowery, Jul. 28, 2016: Gavin McInnes and His ‘Proud Boys’ Want to Make Men Great Again

Kevin D. Williamson at National Review

Infogalactic: George Will

Youtube, Oct. 27, 2012: James Baldwin Debates William F. Buckley (1965) Men at Work: The Craft of Baseball by George Will Wait Till Next Year – A Memoir by Doris Kearns Goodwin

Infogalactic: P. J. O’Rourke

Newsmax, Sep. 22, 2014: George Will: I Am a ‘Low-Voltage Atheist’

Gawker, Mar. 1, 2013: Is Your Favorite ‘Journalist’ on the Malaysian Government’s Payroll? Maybe

The Conservative Treehouse, Mar. 6, 2017: The Financial Motives of Those Inside The Wire Advocating for ObamaCare Repeal Without Replacement…

Institute for Humane Studies

Infogalactic: Fusionism

Michael Goodwin in the New York Post, Apr. 11, 2017: Trump won’t definitively say he still backs Bannon

Washington Mockingbird, Apr. 12, 2017: Inside Bannon’s struggle: From ‘shadow president’ to Trump’s marked man

Micah Zenko in Foreign Policy, Feb. 7, 2014: When Reagan Cut and Run–The forgotten history of when America boldly abandoned ship in the Middle East.

The Forward – News that Matters to American Jews The Imp of the Perverse

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