Grace & Steel Ep. 75 03/30/17

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TOPIC: A Woman is a Woman. Kevin Michael Grace speaks with radical feminist Tara Prema about the takeover of the University of Victoria’s Women’s Centre by transgender activists.

Here are some links to stories and items mentioned in the podcast;

Our cover photo is a transgendered person named Rebecca Juro and is taken from this 2014 CNN story on transgender rights

CTV News, Mar. 16, 2017: Debate or hate? Controversy surrounds UVic art project on white supremacy

UVicWomynBC petition at “We demand women’s space at UVic”

Infogalactic: J. Michael Bailey

Infogalactic: Blanchard’s transsexualism typology–Autogynephilia and autoandrophilia

Martlet, Dec. 17, 2015: What’s in a name? And why the Women’s Centre is changing theirs

Martlet, Jun. 15, 2017: UPDATE: Third Space closes as coordinators take temporary leave

Martlet, Aug. 4, 2016: Summer at the Third Space: A timeline

The Third Space, Nov. 27, 2016: UVSS Policy Change

The Third Space: Thirdspace Story

The Third Space: About US

Thirdspace Zine, 2015 PDF (Warning: Nude photo of woman with penis on page 22/40)

The Ring (University of Victoria) Jan. 19, 2016: World’s only chair in transgender studies

Infogalactic: Jennifer Pritzker

UVic Womym’s Centre blog

UVic Womyn’s Centre Twitter