Grace & Steel Ep. 74 03/22/17

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TOPIC: The Tao of Steve. We talk about the significance of Congressman Steve King’s “somebody else’s babies” tweet and the reaction to it.

Here are some links to stories and items mentioned in the podcast;

IMDb: The Tao of Steve (2000)

Steve King Tweet, Mar. 12, 2017: “Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

Voice of Europe Twitter Feed

Vice, Jun. 5, 2015: Looks Like White People Will Be a Minority in the US Pretty Soon

Time, Jun. 24, 2015: U.S. Steps Closer to a Future Where Minorities Are the Majority

@SoCal4Trump Tweet, Mar. 17, 2017: “It’s almost as if their agenda is population replacement…”

Steve Sailer in Taki’s Magazine, Mar. 15, 2017: Frantic Yelling Ensued

Breitbart, Mar. 30, 2015: Ted Kennedy’s Real Legacy: 50 Years of Ruinous Immigration Law

fashistecoupe‏ Tweet, Mar. 13, 2017: “All the people we’ve been calling cucks for more than a year couldn’t wait to denounce King for not wanting to raise other people’s babies.”

Christopher Hayes Tweet, Mar. 12, 2017: “‘somebody else’s babies’ is such a vile phrase, I can’t get it out of head.”

NOTE: In reply to Christopher Hayes tweet
Anthony Cumia Tweet, Mar. 12, 2017: “Try using a shotgun.”

Christopher Hayes Tweet, Apr. 11, 2007: “Looking out the window and quietly crying into my sweater/”

J. Burton Tweet, Mar. 12, 2017: “Interesting take from one of my followers @Blair_A_Nathan:”

New York Times, Sep. 6, 2006: Zoroastrians Keep the Faith, and Keep Dwindling

UN Commission on Population and Development, Apr. 14, 2011: Speakers Link Higher Education among Girls to Declining Fertility Rates as Commission on Population and Development Continues Session

QUOTE: “Powerful people like Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan opine that our current high immigration rates just aren’t high enough to keep wages and inflation down.”
Center for Immigration Studies, June 2000: Immigration, Population, and the New Census Bureau Projections

Infogalactic: Adolf Hitler

Salon, Mar. 11, 2016: Watch: Sarah Silverman dons a Hitler costume on “Conan” to address rampant Trump comparisons

Huffington Post Canada, Mar. 15, 2017: Niki Ashton Deletes Post With Beyoncé Lyrics After Accusations Of ‘Appropriating’ Black Culture

The Hill, Mar. 13, 2017: King defends controversial tweet: ‘I meant exactly what I said’

Peter Brimelow in The Daily Caller, Mar. 14, 2017: The Media’s Steve King Meltdown

Sky News, Mar. 12, 2017: Dutch riot police break up Turkish protest in Rotterdam

Breitbart, Mar. 12, 2017: In Pics: Pro-Turkey Protesters Riot in Rotterdam and Istanbul

New York Daily News, Feb. 25, 2017: Rachel Dolezal, on the brink of homelessness, refuses to admit wrongdoing two years after scandal

Reddit, r/The Donald, Sep. 2016: TALCUM X, born Jeffery Shaun King and later known as Shaun King.

Reagan Battalion Tweet, Mar. 13, 2017: .@SteveKingIA, The conservative movement & the Republican party is made up of “Someone else’s babies.” We are proud of these “babies.”

Roger Cohen in the New York Times, Mar. 14, 2017: Somebody Else’s Babies

Infogalactic: Georges Sorel

Global News, Jan. 20, 2017: Why is Canada’s top diplomat, Chrystia Freeland, banned from Russia?

QUOTE: “Ms. Freeland, whose mother helped write Ukraine’s constitution when the Soviet Union broke apart, has been a long-time critic of the Putin regime.”
Globe and Mail, Mar. 16, 2017: Freeland condemns Russian aggression in Crimea, prompting Kremlin counterattack

Torontoist, Historicist, Aug. 11, 2012: Ben Johnson, Fastest Man Alive–We look back at the greatest sports scandal in Canadian history

QUOTE: “When the novelist Yann Martel casually described his homeland as “the greatest hotel on earth,” he meant it as a compliment – but some read it as an endorsement of newcomers deciding to view Canada as a convenient waystation
The Guardian, Jan. 4, 2017: The Canada experiment: is this the world’s first ‘postnational’ country?

Gallup, Jun. 4, 2001: Public Overestimates U.S. Black and Hispanic Populations

Gallup, May 21, 2015: Americans Greatly Overestimate Percent Gay, Lesbian in U.S.

NBC News, Dec. 14, 2016: Most Americans Overestimate Muslim Population by 17X, Poll Shows

Infogalactic: Demographics of Canada

CNN, Mar. 14, 2017: King doubles down on controversial ‘babies’ tweet

Margaret Philp in the Globe and Mail via Fact, Feb. 23, 1999: The battle over native adoption–The Supreme Court has rekindled the debate over raising children outside their culture. Love can’t conquer all.

The Guardian, Jul. 28, 2002: Chrétien’s adopted son accused of sex assault

Ben Shapiro in The Daily Wire, Mar. 13, 2016: Media Accuse Rep. Steve King (R-IA) Of Racism. They’re Lying. Read His Actual Words.

Reuters, Feb. 2, 2017: Starbucks responds to criticism over refugee hiring blowback

The Daily Wire, Mar. 21, 2017: Starbucks CEO To Resign After Vow To Hire 10,000 Refugees Draws Boycotts

Statistics Canada, 2007: The African Community in Canada

A.V. Club, Jul. 11, 2016: The 50 best comedies since 2000

QUOTE: “Assuming that, like university students elsewhere, the African university students on average score 15 points above the general population, the African general population average of about 70 would appear to be corroborated.”
J. Philippe Rushton in VDARE, Mar. 10, 2004: I.Q.: Why Africa is Africa – and Haiti Haiti

CTV News, Mar. 16, 2017: Debate or hate? Controversy surrounds UVic art project on white supremacy

KMGVictoria Tweet, Mar. 17, 2017: “FunFact: Leading .@uvic #feminist is “tranny Hindu cyborg woman” called “Daphne Shaed” @uvicwomyn”

UVic Womyn’s Centre? Tweet, Mar. 17, 2017: “@KMGVictoria Incorrect. “Womyn” means women-born women, not men who “identify” as women. We are radical feminists; that’s where the word comes from”

The Third Space

Breitbart, Apr. 17, 2014: Elizabeth Warren Repeats Her False Claims of Native American Ancestry in New Book

Daily Wire, Mar. 17, 2017: Canada Lectures U.S. On Closing Border – Then Turns More Mexicans Away Than It Has In Years

Mediaite, Jul. 17, 2017: Rep. Steve King: I’m Just as Hispanic as Julián Castro

Esquire, Jul. 12, 2016: There’s Something Off About This Desk

Age of Shitlords, Feb. 5, 2017: Here’s how Twitter is silently censoring you


And playing us out…
Youtube, Nov. 21, 2010: Adam Faith – Someone Else’s Baby