Grace & Steel Ep. 72 03/05/17

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TOPIC: How the World Really Works. A consideration of James Burnham’s 1943 book The Machiavellians and how it relates to today’s politics.

Here are some links to stories and items mentioned in the podcast:

Internet Archive: The Machiavellians by James Burnham (PDF available)

NOTE: The school of Machiavellians Burnham refers to are:
Infogalactic: Gaetano Mosca
Infogalactic: Georges Sorel
Infogalactic: Robert Michels
Infogalactic: Vilfredo Pareto

Infogalactic: Niccolò Machiavelli

Internet Archive: The Prince by Machiavelli

Infogalactic: Ray Perrault

Infogalactic: Canadian federal election, 1974

Canadian History: Wage and Price Controls

Infogalactic: Stephen Harper

New York Times, Sep. 26, 1964: JOHNSON SAYS U.S. WON’T SPARK WAR

CBC, Feb. 15, 2017: Liberal MP won’t remove Islamophobia reference from motion condemning discrimination The Managerial Revolution: What is Happening in the World by James Burnham

The Observer, Dec. 14, 2016: The 50 Most Powerful Public Relations Firms in America

The Hill Times (Canada), Feb. 20, 2017: The Hill Times’ Top 100 Lobbyists: elite players know how to ‘align interests’ with government

EXAMPLE use of the term “spiv” as in “a financial PR spiv in the City” from
Labourlist, Nov. 16, 2016: Diane Abbott: Labour must never try to outdo the Tories or UKIP on immigration

New York Times, Sep. 15, 2004: Amid Protests, House of Commons Votes to Ban Fox Hunting

Youtube, (The White House account) Feb. 28, 2017: The Joint Session of Congress (Trump’s speech)

The Hill, Jan. 18, 2017: Coup d’état? First the FBI, now the intelligence community

Independent, Jan. 31, 2017: US in middle of coup by Donald Trump, Michael Moore warns

Yonatan Zunger in, Jan. 29, 2017: Trial Balloon for a Coup?

CNN, Feb. 21, 2017: ‘Not My President’s Day’ protesters rally to oppose Trump

Michael S. Rozeff in LewRockwell, Feb. 21, 2017: The Anti-Trump Coup: Interview With a Non-Partisan

Infogalactic: Charles Austin Beard The End of History and the Last Man Reissue Edition by Francis Fukuyama

Daily Mail, Mar. 3, 2017: EXCLUSIVE: Fly me to the moon! Are Elon Musk’s picks for the two $100 MILLION tickets aboard his SpaceX rocket among THESE eight (wealthy) space enthusiasts?

Breitbart, Apr. 18, 2016: Half The French Army Is Now Deployed On French Streets

Tyee, Aug. 28, 2015: Kenney Touts Tory Immigration Record at Conference for Chinese Media Only

Canadian Press via the Huffington Post, Jun. 8, 2014: Jason Kenney: ‘Dysfunctional’ U.S. Immigration System A Boost To Canada

Lifezette, Feb. 22, 2017: Would Merkel’s Challenger Give Migrants Voting Rights?–Survey finds members of Germany’s left-wing SDP want non-citizens to cast ballots

Martin Armstrong in Armstrong Economics, Feb. 22, 2017: Martin Schultz Wants to Give Refugees the Right to Vote in German Election

Thomas Del Beccaro in Forbes, Aug. 19, 2014: California’s Economic Collision Course: Immigration and Water

Jeet Heer in The New Republic, Feb. 28, 2017: The Failure of Pro-Trump Intellectualism

Infogalactic: Reform Party of Canada

FYI UKIP’s Nigel Farage found inspiration in Canada’s Reform Party
BBC, Mar. 22, 2013: Farage looks to Canada for inspiration

Roger L. Simon in PJ Media, Feb. 28, 2017: Is February 28, 2017, ‘The Night the Democratic Party Died’?

Jay Five Tweet, Feb. 28, 2017: “2. Everyone freaking out about Trump & the DACA Dreamers also needs to remember that Trump is our first Machiavellian president since Nixon

CNN, Mar. 2, 2017: Oprah for president?

CNN, Mar. 1, 2017: Van Jones on Trump: ‘He became President of the United States in that moment, period’

Samuel Johnson quote, Good Reads: “My dear friend, clear your mind of cant [excessive thought]…

Infogalactic: Samuel T. Francis Power and History: Political Thought of James Burnham by Samuel T. Francis James Burnham: Thinkers of Our Time by Samuel Francis Suicide of the West: An Essay on the Meaning and Destiny of Liberalism by James Burnham

NOTE: I (Steel) was able to access this audio version of The Machiavellians via the web using my public library subscription which offered it through a service called hoopladigital The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom, Audio version

Abe Books: Search results for James Burnham’s The Machiavellians

Christopher Caldwell in the New York Times, Feb. 25, 2017: What Does Steve Bannon Want?