Grace & Steel Ep. 71 02/24/17

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TOPIC: We all hate the media. Why has the public’s long-established animosity towards the media turned to hatred? This didn’t start with Trump.

Here are some links to stories and items mentioned in the podcast:

NOTE: Old film featuring reporters and newspapers, based on a play The Front Page written by a former journalist Ben Hecht
IMDb: His Girl Friday (1940)

The White House on Youtube, Feb. 16, 2017: President Trump Holds a Press Conference

President Donald Trump Live Supporters TV on Youtube, Feb. 18, 2017: FULL EVENT President Donald Trump HUUGE Rally in Melbourne, Florida 2/18/17 Trump Melbourne Speech

The Hill, Feb. 21, 2017: Yes, it’s war: How the media should fight back against Trump

Slate, Feb. 18, 2017: Trump Calling Media “Enemy of the American People” Reminiscent of Stalin, Mao

Mirror, Feb. 19, 2017: Donald Trump’s anti-media campaign ‘is how dictators get started’ claims REPUBLICAN John McCain

AP via Toronto Sun, Feb. 17, 2017: ‘Fake media not happy!’: Donald Trump tweets thanks for ‘nice statements’ following combative news conference

Good Reads Quotes: G.K. Chesteron–“Journalism largely consists in saying “Lord Jones is dead” to people who never knew Lord Jones was alive.”

Good Read Quotes: G.K. Chesterton–“It is the one great weakness of journalism as a picture of our modern existence, that it must be a picture made up entirely of exceptions…”

University of Kansas: History of American Journalism 1900-1990s

Oxford Bibliographies, Feb. 25, 2017: History of Citizen Journalism

British Library: Concise History of the British Newspaper

Infogalactic: History of British newspapers

Infogalactic: History of American newspapers

IMDb: All the President’s Men (1976)

NOTE: A good pic of Woodward and Bernstein as they were in the early ’70s
Talking Points Memo, Apr. 3, 2012: It Turns Out Woodward And Bernstein’s ‘Mystic’ Was A Watergate Grand Juror

IMDb: The China Syndrome (1979)

Ebsco Host: Citation of Kevin Steel’s 1999 article on the shooting of Carmen Willis “A murder unsolved”

Infogalactic: Weibo Ludwig–The death of Carmen Willis

NOTE: Vox Day gets tweet scalped for a story quote
Vox Day, Feb. 16, 2017: They ALWAYS get it wrong

2Kevins with Grace & Steel Ep. 33 04/16/16 – 1. The Problem of Secretly Sponsored Journalism

Infogalactic: Henry Luce

Washington Mockingbird, May 6, 2014: Just 7 percent of journalists are Republicans. That’s far fewer than even a decade ago

Breitbart, Jun. 13, 2013: Washington Post: Family Relations Between Media, Obama Officials Does Not Affect Coverage

Laura Kane, The Canadian Press, via the Vancouver Sun, Feb. 19, 2017: Vancouver’s Trump tower a beacon of controversy in multicultural city, says Coun. Kerry Jang

Percy Gryce Tweet, Feb. 20, 2017: “What is a “Christine prayer book” or a “prying rosary,” @USATODAY? What nefarious implements are these? #ChurchMilitant”

Simon Fraser University Master’s Thesis, Ken MacKenzie, 1980: Freeway Planning and Protests in Vancouver 1954-1972 PDF

Infogalactic: Robert Novak

Conservapedia: Obama birth certificate controversy

Breitbart, Feb. 20, 2017: Julian Assange: ‘When You Read a Newspaper Article, You Are Reading Weaponized Text’

NOTE: Here’s are a couple of examples of stupid media fluff typical of the coverage Obama had during his presidency
New York Times, Nov. 12, 2011: For Obama, a Little Basketball Before the Diplomacy

New Yorker, Nov. 12, 2015: Understanding Obama Through Basketball

NOTE: A Canadian clown in Washington has carved his niche; he’s been doing his lame FACT CHECK since well before Nov. 8
Daniel Dale in the Toronto Star, Feb. 17, 2017: The complete list of all 80 false things Donald Trump has said in his first 4 weeks as president

Neil MacDonald in CBC, Feb. 21, 2017: Trust in the media is sinking and it’s time to act: Neil Macdonald

VanCity Buzz, Mar. 22, 2016: Trudeau saves CBC from extinction with $150 million annual budget increase

Canadian Press via News 1130: Globe and Mail publisher joins Rebel Media in criticizing CBC digital news

Adam Radwanski Tweet, Feb. 15, 2017: “Way too much Ezra Levant in my timeline right now. Too late for this, but if everyone ignored him long enough he’d spontaneously combust.”

Kelly MacParland Tweet (reply to Adam Radwanski) Feb. 16, 2017: “We should make this a national goal”

KMG Tweet (reply to Kelly MacParland), Feb. 20, 2017: “I hold no brief for @ezralevant, but your insistence that news & comment are a guild that you control explains your increasing irrelevance”

Conservapedia: Walter Duranty

New York Times Statement About 1932 Pulitzer Prize Awarded to Walter Duranty

NOTE: The Report Newsmagazine was formerly known as The Alberta Report; your hosts both worked at this publication
Ian Hunter in The Report Newsmagazine via, Mar. 27, 2000: A Tale of Truth and Two Journalists

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

Canadian Association of Broadcasters

Federal Communications Commission – FCC

KMG Tweet, Feb. 19, 2017: “#SCC ruled in Chamberlain that govt decisions “motivated” by “religious belief” are illegal. Canada: a rigged game” (link attached to tweet)

KMG Tweet, Feb. 19, 2017: “Are you being naïve or disingenuous? Read the Collins or Whatcott rulings. There is no free-speech in Canada, period” (link attached to tweet)

Slate, May 14, 2013: Obama’s War on Journalists–His administration’s leak investigations are outrageous and unprecedented.

Breitbart, Feb. 17, 2017: 11 Times Barack Obama Abused Press Freedom

Society of Professional Journalists in the NWI Times, Jan. 19, 2017: SPJ, 60 other journalism groups, ask Trump for meeting on access

Infogalatic: Walter Lippmann

Wall Street Journal, Oct. 20, 2016: Plummeting Newspaper Ad Revenue Sparks New Wave of Changes

Market Watch, Feb. 15, 2017: CBS revenue declines, hurt by lower ratings

Financial Post, Oct. 20, 2016: Postmedia reports quarterly loss of $99.4 million on steep declines in print advertising

Daily Mail Online

Business Insider, Jul. 14, 2012: These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America

Gannett Publishing

Zerohedge, Feb. 20, 2017: There’s A Difference: Fake News Or Junk News

Breitbart, Feb. 22, 2017: Brzezinski: Controlling What People Think ‘Is Our Job’

The Hill, Feb. 22, 2017: The Washington Post: ‘Democracy dies in darkness’

Breitbart, Feb. 24, 2017: Media Outrage over White House ‘Exclusion’ is Fake News